Bionicon Women's Forest Softshell shorts

We've searched high and low for a comfortable and practical pair of baggies that also look great. The number of times we thought we'd reached the holy grail of baggy shorts can be counted on one hand, but each time we were let down by some annoying niggle or another.


But this time we may have found the one, Bionicon has worked hard to design the Women's Forest short into a supremely practical baggy. Pockets are positioned on the outside of the thigh, easy to access but not in the way whilst pedaling. Zippered pockets on the front of the groin provide safe storage for keys and money.


Bionicon Forest Short


The waistband is super wide, we're talking over 3 inches (8cm in new money), which if the numbers don't already suggest, makes for a really comfortable fit. There are four stretch 'V' sections built in the waistband which we loved, not only providing a perfect fit but also the most comfortable waistband we've had the pleasure of riding in.


Knee zippers are great for use with knee protection and allow for total freedom of movement, and best of all when zippered closed or fully open the zip is tucked away in a little pouch...neat!


Fabric is Schoeller softshell, we haven't managed to tear it yet even with some abusive riding, and it's pretty breathable too. We're huge fans of softshell fabrics for on the bike use, well let's be on honest any other time works too, it's lightweight, windproof and stretches as you move, we love it.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colours: Grey

Price: £97




Performance: 9 (almost 10)

Value: 9


Overall: These baggies so nearly got a 10 for performance, we really did love them. Our only suggestion for improvement would be an articulated gusset - but we might be being a tad pedantic here? Price-wise we thought they were expensive but worth every penny if you can afford it. You do get what you pay for after all!

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