Hillingdon Grand Prix preview


World class triathlon stars are to challenge Britain’s top women cyclists at the Hillingdon GP, at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on Sunday 16th May, 2010.


Surprise starters Michelle Dillon, 8th in the Athens Olympics, and Jodie Stimpson, Women's Elite Triathlon Super Series Champion.  


Michelle and Jodie will face tough opposition in this counting event for Women’s National Road Race Series, including World Track Champion, Joanne Rowsell, Laura Trott, who had been winning junior events abroad in recent weeks, and another youngster Hannah Barnes, who won the recent Twickenham Team Series Road Race from 80 riders.  But they will all have to watch out for the very canny veteran, Janet Birkmyre, whose fine sprint proved decisive in last year’s event.


The programme starts at 10.15am with Youth races for all ages, followed by a support race for lower category amateurs.  With the Women’s GP, over 50km kicking off at 12.45pm and followed by the Men's race over 100km at 1.30pm.


In all events there will be riders entering on the day to supplement the pre-entries, with top rider Danni King likely to be among them, depending on other commitments yet to be decided.


Last year's race was full of aggression, but still ended in a bunch sprint.



Hillingdon Women’s GP 2010 - Entries

1            Monica Da Polenza            A W Cycles          

2            Lowri Bunn            Abergavenny RC          

3            Harriet Owen            Bicester Millennium CC           

4            Charlotte Blackman            Cyclefit RT          

5            Laura Murray            Deeside Thistle CC          

6            Kara Chesworth            Dysynni CC          

7            Sandra Mackay            Essex Roads CC           

8            Ruby Miller            Forza Cycles          

9            Cheryl Owens            GS Metro          

10            Clara Horne            Halesowen  A&CC          

11            Jessica Booth            Halesowen  A&CC                       

12            Ella Hopkins             Halesowen  A&CC          

13            Eleanor Jones            Halesowen  A&CC          

14            Hayley Edwards            Halesowen  A&CC

15            Alex Greenfield            Horizon Fitness          

16            Hannah Rich            Horizon Fitness          

17            Sabine Homrighausen            Kingston Wh/Sigma Sport          

18            Maryka Sennema            Kingston Wh/Sigma Sport          

19            Emily Bagnall            Kingston Wh/Sigma Sport                      

20            Sara King            Langdale Lightweights RT          

21            Emma  Patterson            London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes          

22            Rachel Armitage            London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes          

23            Rebecca Lodge            London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes                      

24            Lydia Boylan            London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes          

25            Jessica Mitchell            London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes          

26            Astrid Wingler            London Phoenix          

27            Susan Wood            Maldon & Dist.CC          

28            Marianne Britten            Max Gear RT          

29            Hannah Barnes            Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta/Candi TV

30            Sarah Byrne            Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta/Candi TV

31            Janet Birkmyre            Orbea-For Goodness Shakes

32            Cassie Gledhill            Orbea-For Goodness Shakes

33            Hannah Shenton            Paul Milnes RT

34            Ceri Dipple            PM

35            Jacqui Marshall            RAF CC

36            Rebecca Curley            Rapha Condor          

37            Tracy Corbett            Rapha Condor          

38            Claire Beaumont            Rapha Condor          

39            Natasha Perry            Rapha Condor          

40            Rachel Przybylski            Rapha Condor          

41            Leona Kadir            Sigma Sport RT

42            Melissa Bury            Sportcity Velo          

43            Jane Barr            Stirling BC

44            Corrine Hall            Tm Corridori

45            Jodie Stimpson            Tm Dillon

46            Michelle Dillon            Tm Dillon

47            Charlotte Colclough            Tm M.Pinte

48            Kelly  Moore            Tm M.Pinte

49            Louise Mahe            Tm Mule Bar Girls

50            Hannah Bowes            Tm Mule Bar Girls           

51            Naomi Anderson            Tm Zappi

52            Dorchie Cockerell            Twickenham CC/Evans Cycles

53            Donna La Blancq            VS Jersey/i-consult/Top Personal          

54            Joanna Le Cocq            VS Jersey/i-consult/Top PersonaL

55            Laura Trott            Welwyn Wh                                  

56            Joanna Rowsell            PM

57            Lauren Creamer            Wolverhampton Wh

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