24 Hours of Exposure


The British National 24 Hour Solo Championships, aka 24 Hours of Exposure, are almost here. Newcastleton in the 7 Stanes mountain bike heaven is hosting the event on 22nd-23rd May 2010. This amazing British event is now a qualifier for the World Championships held in Australia, 24 Hours of Adrenaline. Only a few other events have achieved this staus, so it goes to show it's not for the faint hearted, although newbies are very welcome and plenty seem to have taken up the challenge.


The course is a 12 mile lap combining all the best of mountain biking technical delights from sweeping singletrack, fun descents and challenging climbs. Doesn't sound like there's much opportunity to get bored!


If you've got five minutes then go to the organisers website and watch this inspiring film, it'll tell you more about the ethos of the event than any amount of words we can type. We were surprised to hear about the amount of support provided to riders, this neutral support in the form of free coffees, bike maintenance, energy products is available to riders who are new to 24 Hour racing. Exposure Lights are available to hire for training beforehand, use during the event and there's even a discount if riders want to buy them afterwards. Another interesting point to note, this is the first time we've seen a purely Solo 24 Hour event on these shores, most events have teams mixed in with the solo riders, so we're expecting this to be a very unique race.


Watch the film here. It'll make you want to grab your lights and go for a night ride!



We're tipped to see nine brave women on the start line and plan on getting some comments on how the racing went afterwards.


Nicola MacLeod adidas TERREX  open female (18+)
Jane Chadwick Chevin Cycles/Bang & Olufsen  open female (18+)
Amy Baron Hall Cookson Cycles  open female (18+)
Jac Marquis None  open female (18+)
Nicola Wiseman None  open female (18+)
Nicola Duggan WXC Mountain Bike Team UK  open female (18+)
Rickie Cotter WXC Mountain Bike Team UK  open female (18+)
Anne Dickins     
    PETRA CYCLES/ Oxted/mtb         
veteran female (40+)
Sally Daw     Team Sludge Racing veteran female (40+)


We've done plenty of team 24 Hour races but our hats go off to the riders who compete out on the course for the whole 24 hours. We'll bring you some personal accounts from the riders and hope they can spill the beans about how they maintain leg strength and mental toughness even when things, or should that be when everything, starts to fade. We're keen to hear all their secrets and tips!


You can find more info at www.24solo.co.uk 

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