Spiuk ZS1R road shoe


It was love at first sight when we took the Spiuk ZS1Rs out of the box.  There was nothing girlie about them, no powder blue flashes or pink bits here - these were silver and black, and they looked like they meant business. Although not female specific the sizing is definitely women friendly, even down to 'little feet friendly' size 37.



Having passed the colour test, it was on to the next most important quality of a bike shoe: how comfy are they?  Note the use of present tense here, that’s because we’re still wearing them after a week in the mountains of Mallorca, six hours straight in the velodrome at Calshot, a number of sessions on the turbo trainer, two 10-mile TTs, a couple of circuit races and endless, endless commutes to work.  Yes, we have really put these shoes through their paces!


Spiuk road shoe



Back to the fit.  Men’s feet are different from women’s (no surprises there): men have wider heels, are broader in the foot, have hairy toes and we won’t even start on the smell… so we need plenty of adjustments to ensure a good fit. The ZS1Rs have three straps, two are super strong Velcro and the third ratcheted lever over the arch allows for micro adjustments, all three work together to keep everything nice and snug fitting. Plus there’s a very padded tongue so if you really want to crank them up to the max, there is no painful pressure points or pinches on the top of the foot.



Crucially, we didn’t have any heel-lifting problems when pulling up hard and, even on stiff climbs, it felt like our feet were very firmly held.  SPIUK claim to have developed a ventilated and moulded double injection heelpiece, which works to stabilise and centre the heel for proper support, science aside, we had no complaints.



We really liked that these shoes come with both summer and winter insoles and we have had the chance to test them in all weathers now!  The summer insoles, allow an increased airflow around the foot whilst the winter insert features an additional layer of water and wind-resistant protection to provide an additional shield against the winter elements.



These are racing shoes and so they have very stiff, light soles, made from a polyamide and glass fibre composite.  This is important, because the less your soles flex when you are applying pressure to the pedals, the more of your precious energy will be transferred via the pedals into forward motion.  Of course, this applies to everything, whether it’s flex in the soles of your shoes, your frame, bars and wheels, or even the strength of your core muscles. The £90 price tag is pretty average for a non-carbon soled race shoe, comparable with Specialized and Mavic, although it’s worth noting that Bontrager do a women’s specific carbon soled race shoe for the same price.



They are compatible with all major pedal systems, but we had to get hold of longer screws to fit Shimano SPD SL cleats.  Not a major issue, your local bike shop should have a conversion kit.



Overall, we loved the look and feel of these shoes and can declare they have the most comfortable upper I’ve ever worn, compounded by being able to enjoy a race win whilst wearing them!




Sizes: 37 - 47

Colours: Blue/White, Red/White, Silver/Black

Price: £90

Website: www.spiuk.co.uk    



Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10



Reviewed by Jayne Paine



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