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Injured road rider, Marina Romoli, undergoes another operation


On the June 7th 2010, Safi Pasta Zara Manhatten announced that Marina Romoli has successfully undergone another operation.  This second operation was on her back, which was necesary due to her suffering a broken vertibrae during the impact with the car.  The operation lasted seven hours and the doctors felt it went well.
The doctors are now hoping to bring Marina out of her medically induced coma, which she was placed into shortly after the accident. We will bring you more news about Marina as we get it.



Team Safi



Women's racing in Moscow - Simona Krupeckaite smahes 17 year old World Record


On 2nd June 2010, the "Grand Prix of Moscow" took place at the legendry Krylatskoye Velodrome.  During the Grand Prix the World Keirin Champion and rising star, Simona Krupeckaite from Lithuania, riding her trademark pink bike, took part in the 200m TT. 
Simona rode the 200m TT in just 10.793 seconds, setting a new World Record.  The previous record of 10.831s, set by Russian Olga Slyusareva, had stood for 17 years reinforcing just how impressive Simona's ride was.
Second fastest rider was Clara Sanchez from France who set a time of 11.028s.  Third was Willy Kanis from the Netherlands on 11.122s.  And just missing out on a podium position in fourth place was France's Virigine Cueff who achieved 11.250s.


Krupeckaite winning the Keirin at the World Track Championships in 2010, ahead of Victoria Pendleton

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