CRAFT Cool Mesh Super Light sleeveless base layer


It can be hard to get excited about a base layer, they are by nature, functional and not particularly visible. But we feel that as well as performing well, a base layer should look and feel good, which will require some female specific tailoring and more than a little attention to detail as well.


We’ve had the CRAFT Cool Mesh Super Light sleeveless base layer on test for a while now and, in addition to wearing it when heading out on the trails in the best of the summer sunshine, we also took it down to the hot and windless environment of Newport Velodrome, to give it a thorough work out.



Craft base layer



In conclusion this really is the ultimate lightweight base layer.  Even the packaging is well thought out and it is beautifully presented in a zip lock bag.  It's clearly been designed to fit the female body and our curves, and the cut allows total freedom of movement. It could easily be worn under a close fitting jersey or skin-suit without any tell tale rucking or lines, and there were times when we really didn't know we were wearing it.


We tried the black version, which has contrast stitching that runs between the shoulder blades and around to the sides.  This definitely improves the look, it is just a shame that the pretty colours that are available cannot be found in the UK.  To be honest, anything more than regulation black and white is a real bonus!


When it comes to performance, this vest really works hard and wicks away sweat superbly!  There’s no doubt it’s a performance base layer, ideal for days so hot you really want to be riding with as little clothing as possible, without distracting your riding partners of course!  This is all down to the fabric used, which CRAFT justifiably make much of, it’s based on their HEXA channelled fibre which has six channels that actively pull perspiration away from the body. 


We also really liked that, unlike some base layers, this one never really smelt bad, no matter how much we “glowed”, and it is of course, easy to wash and dries in a heartbeat.  And you get all this for £20 which represents great value for money.


Price: £20.00

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Colours: black, white



Performance: 9/10

Value: 9/10


This is about as good as it gets for a base layer. Good styling, great at keeping you cool and with anti-smell properties, plus you can choose to wear it with sleeveless tops and avoid the worse of those cycling specific tan lines as well.


Tested by Janet Birkmyre

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