Day 6 of the Deloitte Ride Across Britain


On Day 6 we were leaving Manchester and heading to Ludlow and it was from here that some of the other para-cycling squad would join the ride for the day. Helen Scott, tandem pilot, Terry Byrne and Shaun McKeown, both para-cycling class C4 and coach, Chris Furber, all made the early start for what was billed as an 108 mile stage, but ended up being 111 miles.


Deloitte RAB 17 June


The start was flat but busy, as we contended with the rush hour through Knutsford and Middlewich, however soon enough we were out in the Cheshire lanes and heading briefly over the border into Wales, before skirting Shrewsbury and then riding the hilly finish into Ludlow. We’d all been told there would be a steep-ish climb at the end of the ride, but no one was prepared for what we actually faced. It might as well have been a rock face, as we slowly approached this sheer climb from the steep side of Long Mynd. With the 39x25 gear ratio most people seemed to have, there was little chance of us pedalling up and I sadly became one of the walkers. I’m told only 12 people were able to ride up it, but only because they had been fortunate enough to have been on a triple or compact anyway. If only we’d been told the severity, we could have been prepared!


After this the run into the finish was far longer than everyone realised and everyone we spoke to was glad to have made it back.


Deloitte Ride Across Britain


Thanks to Sarah Storey



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