Smithfield Nocturne


smithfield nocturne finish

Picture © 2010 Adam Roberts -


Large crowds turned out to watch the women’s race on a warm night in London and they were not have been disappointed by the action.  The pace was on immediately and this caused the field to splinter into smaller groups around the short course.


A break including Nicola Juniper, Corinne Hall, Hannah Barnes, Louise Mahe, Sarah King, Claire Beaumont and Natash Perry formed and worked well together, lapping a number of other riders towards the end of the race.  They then had to work hard to break free of these lapped riders before the bell lap.


Nicola Juniper, who had been aggressive all race, picked up the pace at the bell but she was unable to shake Barnes and Hall, both came past her in the final straight.  Hannah Barnes went into this race as the favourite, both as last year’s winner and based on her form this year and she was not to be denied.


smithfield nocturne podium 

Picture © 2010 Adam Roberts - 



1. Hannah Barnes, Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
2. Corrina Hall, Team Corridori
3. Nicola Juniper, PCA Ciclos Uno
4. Louise Mahe, Team Mule Bar
5. Sarah King, Landgale Lightweights
6. Claire Beaumont, Rapha Condor Sharp
7. Natasha Perry, Rapha Condor Sharp
8. Sarah Bryne, Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
9. Elise Sherwell, Pearson Cycles
10. Maryha Sennema, Kingston Wheelers
11. Hannah Walker, GS Surosa
12. Caroline Harding, Finchley RT
13. Katie Fearnehough, Rapha Condor Sharp
14. Peta McSheery, Wiggle
15. Rohan Battison, Maxgear RT
16. Rachael Przybysli, Rapha Condor Sharp
17. Elizabeth Chittenden, Eagle RC
18. Mathilde Pauls, Pearson Cycles
19. Anna Glowinski, Team Mule Bar
20. Sabine Homrighausen, Kingston Wheelers


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