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We've heard great things about Fast Track Coaching and, in particular the way they coach women, so when we were given the opportunity to join one of their clinics, we jumped at the chance.


Their clinics are organised to help riders get the most from their cycling at every level, from complete novices, who want to have a go at riding the track for the first time, to elite cyclists who are aiming for the highest level, including GB squad selection or World Masters records and titles.  The clinic we joined was no exception and in fact, it was the women present who spanned the range from complete new-comer, riding track for the second time only, to GB squad hopeful. 


The weekend was a pursuit and time trials clinic, with the promise of expert analysis and video feedback.  It was aimed at improving gate starts, riding the line and pacing, plus the opportunity to ride a chosen distance under race conditions.


Fast Track Coaching Jan Birkmyre gate start 

Photograph courtesy of Kéryn Roberts


Ten days in advance of the clinic, they sent out an email with information on the timings for the weekend and a full check list of the kit needed, plus the arrangements for an informal dinner on the Saturday night.  This was just a taster of the very professional organisation that starts from the moment you sign up and runs through to the final de-brief, all managed in a very friendly way – no boot camp style lectures here and questions are welcomed at any time.


On arrival, there were introductions to the team; the coaches, Fast Track Coaching’s own Dave Le Grys and Lee Povey, plus Rhys and Steve, who are on hand to help with bike prep, gear changes, videoing and generally just keeping the weekend running to schedule.


There were four ladies taking part in this particular clinic – there have been more on others – in total there were 20 riders, split into two groups of 10, all looked after by the four members of Fast Track Coaching.  And looked after we most certainly were.  I was spotted struggling to get my disc wheel pumped up (yes, I know I really should be able to look after myself better, but sometimes it gets the better of me!) and without ever having to ask, Rhys appeared and offered to help.


The group met at 12 midday on both days and finished, bang on schedule at 6pm.  Every session is briefed in advance, then it is out onto the track to put the technical advice into action, this is videoed and then played back to the group with further coaching advice. 


Fast Track Coaching Video Feedback

Photograph courtesy of Kéryn Roberts


One of the things that is unique to Fast Track Coaching is that Dave and Lee have not just got the usual coaching qualifications, they have both competed and coached riders at the highest level – nationally and internationally – and they have a collection of national and world masters titles and records to prove it.  They are also both NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioners as well, so they can help with the mental preparation and give you techniques to deal with pre-race nerves as well.


That said, you should not be put off by their very lofty credentials, they are about as friendly and down to earth as you could hope for, plus they are incredibly patient and encouraging, giving equal attention to all.


What did we learn?  Well, over the course of the weekend, we fine tuned our warm up routine, absolutely nailed gate starts – this was something everyone improve upon over the weekend – plus we picked up some great tips for riding the fastest line in the corners and on the straights.


Fast Track Coaching Gate Start 

Photograph courtesy of David Jack Active Life Logistics


Donna, who was riding fixed for only the second time ever, told us “I found the whole weekend really helpful.  I wanted to learn the technique for proper gate starts and it is all credit to the coaching from Dave and Lee that I felt like I really got this.  For me, the video feedback was invaluable – just watching so many different people with all such different styles, you could clearly see how they could improve and it was amazing to see how people did improve over the course of the weekend.”


Track riding and racing is one of the friendliest of all cycling disciplines and this spills over into these clinics.  Donna picked this up “I found everyone was very welcoming and helpful at the track, which I really appreciated.”


Let’s not beat about the bush, at £150 for the weekend (excluding accommodation should you need it) this is not budget coaching, but to the best of our knowledge, there is no one offering coaching quite like this.  The combination of coaching skills, race experience and NLP training, with all sessions captured on video and fed back with real insight, is we believe unique and the weekend does not end there, a follow up email included a link to video uploads of our efforts and a confidential feedback questionnaire. 


Throughout the weekend, it is clear that Fast Track Coaching don’t just tell you to do what it says in the manual, they are looking for the next level – they add their own creative thinking and cutting edge ideas to give you the techniques and confidence to deliver the very best performance you have in you and you can’t ask for much more than that.


For more information visit their website: Fast Track Coaching



Fast Track Coaching riding the line

Photograph courtesy of David Jack Active Life Logistics


Fast Track coaching introductions

Photograph courtesy of David Jack Active Life Logistics


Written by Janet Birkmyre

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