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Cycle by Helen Pidd


Far too often general books about cycling are patronising or worse still, dull, but Helen Pidd's new book was far from either of those camps. Written in a nice friendly and chatty style that's easy to dip in and out of, or if like us you felt like reading huge chunks in one go. How nice to find a book that also accomodated women riders in a neutral and natural way.


Chapters include 'How to buy a bike' with sections on hybrids, fixies, mtb and road bikes and more. Chapter 3: 'Cycling Chic' has amusing sections on 'Staying chic in poor weather', and 'Coping with helmet hair', plus a Style Directory with useful websites for cool and stylish cycling clothes.


Mechanic tips are well explained for even newbie riders, amusing and simple to understand graphics explain where to lube your bike and how to negotiate repairs with a bike shop. Other useful sections include 'Cycle to work scheme' and 'Occupational Hazards of being a cyclist': dealing with saddle sores, sore back or knees and tips on how to avoid these issues.


Overall it was a lively and amusing read, even to us cycling veterans. The cycling in high heels anecdotes had us in stitches! The design feels fresh and the graphics and photos suitably attractive, nice one Helen!



Price: RRP £14.99


About the author: Helen Pidd is 'Spokeswoman', cycling columnist in the Observer magazine.


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