Giro d'Italia Day 8


Stage 8, on July 9th, took the Giro Donne further into the mountains.  Although there were some descents, the 89km route from Chiavenna to Livigno was generally in an upwards direction.


On the first of the three official classified climbs, the category two Passo del Maloja, American rider Mara Abbot (US National Team) attacked, breaking away from the peloton with only Emma Pooley (Cervelo) being able to respond.


Giro Donne Stage 8 breakaway

Giro Donne © CJ Farquharson


The two riders stayed together until just before the summit of the second climb, Passo Bernina, when Mara dropped Emma.  Mara then soloed up the third climb, the category two Forcola, before crossing the finish line 1m 27s ahead of Emma.


A battle for third place saw the former world road champion, Germany's Judith Arndt (HTC Columbia) outsprint current world road champion, Italian Tatiana Guderzo (Valdarno).


With her domination of today’s stage Mara not only won the stage but also lept up the General Classifications to take the leaders jersey.  Judith Arndt held onto her 2nd place whilst Tatiana Guderzo retained third place.  Marianne Vos, who started the day in the maglia rosa, slipped to fourth place.  Defending champion Claudia Hausler retained her 5th place but her team mate Emma Pooley climbed to 8th place.


Three riders did not start this stage whilst another three did not finish, leaving a field of 103 riders


Stage 9 is another tough stage with from Livigno to Stelvio.  It covers 68.5 km finishing on the Stelvio which is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps and the second highest in the Alps.



Giro Donne Stage 8 Jerseys

Giro Donne © CJ Farquharson




Stage 8:

1. Abbott Mara (Nazionale USA) Km 89.00 in 2h55’35” media 30.413

2. Pooley Emma Cervelo Test Team) a 1’27”

3. Arndt Judith (HTC Columbia) a 1’40”

4. Guderzo Tatiana (Team Valdarno) a 1’40”

5. Antoshina Tatiana (Team Valdarno) a 1’56”

6. Hausler Claudia (Cervelo Test Team) s.t

7. Vos Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) a 3’22”

8. Pitel Edwige (Michela Fanini Record Rox) s.t.

9. Vysotska Eivgenia (Team Valdarno)

10. Neben Amber (Nazionale USA) a 4’23”


General Classification

1. Abbot Mara (Nazionale USA) in 20h03’15”

2. Arndt Judith (HTC Columbia) a 19”

3. Guderzo Tatiana (Team Valdarno) a 1’05”

4. Vos Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) a 1’38”

5. Hausler Claudia (Cervelo Test Team) a 1’41”

6. Vysotska Eivgenia (Team Valdarno) a 4’49”

7. Neben Amber (Nazionale USA) a 5’41”

8. Pooley Emma (Cervelo Test Team) a 6’22”

9. Antoshina Tatiana (Team Valdarno) a 8’57”

10. Stevens Evelyn (HTC Columbia) a 13’35”


Points Jersey

1. Vos Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) punti 73

2. Teutenberg Ina Yoko (HTC Columbia) punti 60

3. Arndt Judith (HTC Columbia) punti 52


Mountains Jersey

1. Abbott Mara (Nazionale USA) punti 30

2. Pooley Emma (Cervelo Test Team) punti 30

3. Guderzo Tatiana (Team Valdarno) punti 26


White Jersey – young rider

1. Vos Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) in 20h04’53”

2. Berlato Elena (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi) a 12’33”

3. Gillon Shara (Nazionale Australia) a 23’59”


Italian Rider Classification

1. Guderzo Tatiana (Team Valdarno) in 20h04’20”

2. Berlato Elena (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi) a 13’06”

3. Carretta Valentina (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi) a37’07”


Race report thanks to VeggieVelo



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