Final stage of Giro d'Italia Feminin


After tackling the second highest paved road in Europe the day before, the final stage of the 2010 Giro Donne was a much more gentle route - a 112.7 km circular route, designed to allow the sprinters to shine.  Having gained a massive lead yesterday, the Giro leader, Mara Abbott (US National Team), could afford to sit back and enjoy the ride, finishing 21st on today’s stage.


The stage itself was a sprint battle between nine riders, with Shelly Evans (US National Team) pipping Kirsten Wild (Cervelo) for the victory.


 Giro Donne Stage 10 Sprint

Giro Donne © CJ Farquharson


In the final General Classification, Mara Abbott took the overall victory, becoming the first American to win the Giro Donne.  Judith Arndt (HTC Columbia) finished second, while World Champion Tatiana Guderzo (Valdarno) held onto her third place.  Claudia Hausler (Cervelo Test Team) and Emma Pooley (Cervelo Test Team) came fourth and fifth respectively.


Giro Donne final jerseys


Giro Donne © CJ Farquharson


Marianne Vos, who had enjoyed two days in the Maglia Rosa during the race, won the Points and Young Rider’s jerseys.


The Mountains Classification was claimed by Emma Pooley after her stunning ride yesterday, when she was the first rider across Tre Palle.


156 riders started this year’s Giro, but only 94 completed it, underlining just how tough this race is. 




Stage 10: Monza-Monza:

1. EVANS Shelley (Nazionale Usa) 112,70 Km in 2:45'28 media 40,866 km/h

2. WILD Kirsten (Cervelo Test Team) s.t

3. BRONZINI Giorgia (Gau Gauss Rdz Ormu)

4. LELEIVYTE Rasa (Safi Pasta Zara)

5. VOS Marianne (Nazionale Olanda)

6. TEUTENBERG Ina Yoko (Htc Columbia Women)

7. TREIER Grete (S.C. Michela Fanini Record Rox)

8. D'ETTORRE Alessandra (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi)

9. MACKIE Emma (Nazionale Australia)

10. TAGLIAFERRO Marta (Tog Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi) a 3’’


General Classification

1. ABBOTT Mara (Nazionale Usa) in 25h15'54’’

2. ARNDT Judith (Htc Columbia Women) a 2'05’’

3. GUDERZO Tatiana (Team Valdarno) a 3'05’’

4. HAUSLER Claudia (Cervelo Test Team) a 5'26’’

5. POOLEY Emma (Cervelo Test Team) a 7'29’’

6. VYSOTSKA Eivgenia (Team Valdarno) a 8'23

7. VOS Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) a 9'24’’

8. ANTOSHINA Tatiana (Team Valdarno) a 12'08’’

9. ZABELINSKAYA Olga (Safi Pasta Zara) a 23'03’’

10. BERLATO Elena (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi) a 25'50’’


Points Jersey

1. Vos Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) punti 80

2. Teutenberg Ina Yoko (HTC Columbia) punti 65

3. Arndt Judith (HTC Columbia) punti 62


Mountains Jersey

1. Pooley Emma (Cervelo Test Team) punti 48

2. Abbott Mara (Nazionale USA) punti 43

3. Guderzo Tatiana (Team Valdarno) punti 33


White Jersey – young rider

1. VOS Marianne (Nazionale Olanda) 25:25'18


3. GILLON Shara (Nazionale Olanda) a 32'38


Italian Rider Classification

1. Guderzo Tatiana (Team Valdarno) in 25h18’59”

2. Berlato Elena (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Ghezzi) a 22’45”

3. Carretta Valentina (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo) a 57’18’


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