Altura Synergy Women's Gel Mitts

You can't get much for £20 these days, but rest assured you'll get great comfort and good value for your money with these Synergy women's mitts from Altura. Available in small sizes and anatomically shaped for women's hands, they are nice and comfortable on and off the bike.

Grip is good, with the gel pads providing an accurate feel for the bar whilst reliably being grippy in a variety of conditions. The padding is quality and really does reduce fatigue from road buzz, aiding comfort without compromising on feel. The padding is perfectly positioned except perhaps a little too much in the centre of the palm for our taste. That said, it doesn't cause any problems, but is perhaps slightly more padded here than we're used to.


Altura Mitt


Some bonus features worth a mention include the handy tabs at the cuff to help pull the mitts on, and the loops at the fingers to aid pulling them off, a task which is normally nigh impossible on a hot sweaty day.  The back of the glove is stretchy with a vented panel to aid cooling, the Velcro strap is sturdy enough to provide years of good abuse whilst being flexible and easy to use. A nice soft sweat/snot wipe is situated on the thumb and there are reflective stipes for night time safety too.
Price: £19.99
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Colours: red, grey
Performance: 8
Value: 8
Tested by Bex Hopkins
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