Alplog – Champery DH World Cup



Last weekend (24th July) was especially exciting for us as Champery hosted the MTB World Cup. It's not often an event like that comes so close to home!



After all the rain on Thursday and Friday the track was in a pretty mashed up state. It's known for being a tough gnarly ride anyway, and in the wet it's super hard. I'd raced over after cleaning in the chalets and managed to get there just before the girls started setting off. I decided to hang out at the finish where I could watch the racing on the big screen and see everyone as they came in.



Right from the start it was clear riders were struggling in the mud, with crashes, tumbles and slides to a halt all over the place.



We were there rooting for Fionn Griffiths who's been staying with flowmtb for the last month. She’d had a big crash in qualifying, leaving her bike behind her up the hill, and so was ready to conquer the track this time. Sadly the mud won and threw her off the bike twice. Despite the crashes she rode well and came into ninth place in the time of 6.06. She spent a fair while sitting in the leader's chair! You may not be able to make it out in the photos, but there's a flowmtb logo on her jersey sleeve!



Fionn Griffiths and Sarah Burdon

Fionn Griffiths and Sara Burdon



Then the real excitement came with Emmeline Ragot's amazing run, finishing almost 5 seconds ahead of Sabrina Jonnier, giving Emmeline her first ever World Cup win!




That just left some big parties in Champery to get on with, while the XC riders tried to rest up for their racing on Sunday.



Emmeline Ragot and Sara Burdon

Emmeline Ragot and Sara Burdon




Rank Name Nat. Age* Result
1 Emmeline RAGOT FRA 24 5:27.25
2 Sabrina JONNIER FRA 29 5:32.12
3 Myriam NICOLE FRA 20 5:36.97
4 Floriane PUGIN FRA 21 5:38.90
5 Tracy MOSELEY GBR 31 5:39.33
6 Manon CARPENTER GBR 17 5:45.36
7 Claire BUCHAR CAN 32 5:55.12
8 Petra BERNHARD AUT 30 6:06.12
9 Fionn GRIFFITHS GBR 28 6:06.97
10 Céline GROS FRA 27 6:08.41
11 Mio SUEMASA JPN 27 6:18.96
12 Martina BRUEHLMANN SUI 26 6:20.02
13 Miriam RUCHTI SUI 23 6:34.00
14 Katy CURD GBR 21 6:34.88
15 Caroline SAX FRA 22 6:40.31
16 Micayla GATTO CAN 22 6:43.13
17 Jacqueline HARMONY USA 32 7:05.46
18 Nicole BEEGE GER 31 7:29.09
19 Morgane CHARRE FRA 20 9:27.40




Sara Burdon

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