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Many of us are a little casual with our consumption of energy powders, for a number of reasons; many of them don’t taste that great, they are expensive, may contain artificial ingredients and often it is difficult to feel the benefit. Well, we have had Torq Energy powder on test with a couple of our testers and it is time to tell you all about it.  


Torq Energy powder does not contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours or Aspartame, which is commonly used as an artificial sweetener.  As well as being all natural, it comes in a range of flavours all of which taste good and there is an unflavoured variety if you want to add your own flavour.  Even during long training sessions, we have found it easy to drink.



Torq Energy



That’s all very well, but the big question is does it make a difference?  The answer came back as a resounding yes!  If you want to avoid “the bonk” (that is, when you completely run out of energy) - it's not as much fun as it sounds -  you need to top with fuel as you ride. When we used Torq Energy powder, we found we didn't fatigue as quickly as we did without it and we felt stronger for longer.


How does it do this?  Well, here’s the science; it delivers a unique blend of natural carbohydrates and recent studies have demonstrated that a 2:1 Maltodextin to Fructose mix caused athletes to burn 40% more carbohydrate compared with consuming Maltodextrin alone.  This increases the availability of carbohydrate and means that you'll be able to sustain a higher pace for longer.  In addition to this, Torq Energy powders also contains Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium to replace the electrolytes lost through perspiration.


The bottom line is you're able to work harder on the bike, or in the gym, for longer and will feel less dehydrated and more alert.  If you want your body to perform, you need to give it the fuel to do so and Torq Energy provides exactly what your body needs.



Sizes: 500g, 1.5kg, 3kg, 6kg and single measures

Flavours: Natural unflavoured, Natural ORGANIC, Orange, Lemon, Lime and Lemon, Pink Grapefruit

Price: 500g £9, 1.5 kg £18, 3kg £28, 6kg £50




Performance: 8/10

Value:  8/10


The best tasting carbohydrate powder we've tried and free from aspartame as well.


Tested by Cassie Gledhill

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