National Circuit Race Championships


Tight and lumpy, but with smooth fast flowing corners is how you would describe the circuit for National Criterium Champs this year, around Preston town centre.


With a duration of just 30 mins plus 5 laps event, the small field were always going to rip it up from the gun and it was Corinne Hall who kept the pressure on for the first three laps, turning up the heat each time the bunch rode up the rise and through the finish area.  This caused the field to string out immediately and gaps opened up all over the place.  Within five minutes there was, two separate groups on the road, with stragglers in between and tailing off the back.  A large number of riders decided to call it a day and went home early.


Hannah Barnes winning from corinne hall

Picture © 2010 Adam Roberts -


Ex-national circuit race champion, Jo Rowsell put in multiple attacks on the hardest part of the course, causing even greater separation and at half distance, the front group had lapped all but two of the field and was down to a select group of just eight riders, including Jo Rowsell, Corinne Hall, Hannah Barnes, Kara Chesworth, Sarah Storey, Nicola Juniper, Sarah King and Sarah Byrne.


Sarah Storey had done stirling work earlier in the race; she rode through the field to get to the front and although she tried to get away, she was unsuccessful and ultimately, she paid for her earlier efforts and the consistently high pace of the lead group.  She was eventually dropped, along with Juniper, King and Byrne, leaving just four riders to contest the medals.


In the last laps, the pace was kept high by Jo Rowsell and Corinne Hall, but neither could escape the small group.  At the bell, the four lead riders started to look at each other, no one wanting to be the first to take up the sprint.   In the end, it was Corinne Hall who jumped first but she was unable to hold off junior, Hannah Barnes, who showed a clean pair of heels to clip away and win by several bike lengths.  Corinne Hall hung on for second, with Jo Rowsell picking up bronze and Kara Chesworth trailing over the line in fourth.


In the final lap, the chase group made up a lot of time and finished just 50 metres behind, with Nicola Juniper taking 5th from Byrne, King and Storey.


A super fast race and an excellent result for Barnes, who had returned from racing in France only the night before.



1. Hannah Barnes, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta

2. Corrine Hall, Team Corridi,

3. Joanna Rowsell, West Pennine CC

4. Kara Chesworth, Dysynni CC

5. Nicole Juniper, PCA Ciclos Uno

6. Sarah Byrne, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta

7. Sarah King, Langdale Lightweights

8. Sarah Storey, Horizon Fitness RT


Thanks to David Jack of Active Life Logistics for the race report.



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