SPIUK Women's Bib Shorts


If you think you are not a bib short kind of a gal, we’re tempted to say you've not met the right pair of bib shorts yet. And if you haven’t tried a pair, then the new SPIUK (pronounced “spook”) female specific bib is a great place to start.  These shorts are packed full of features that make them perform well beyond expectations, given the price tag.


SPIUK bib short


The shorts are made in SPIUK’s light weight, fast dry fabric – ergodry fresh – which recovers its shape quickly when stretched and has excellent wicking properties to keep you cool and dry.  Furthermore they are compression fit, that is they provide a very light compression over the key muscle groups, to assist blood circulation and thereby reducing fatigue and enhancing performance on the bike.  The feel of the compression from these shorts is minimal, but that is not to say it does not deliver a benefit.  There is great deal of research into the benefits of compression wear, much of which states that targeted compression can be more important than the actual strength of the squeeze.  We liked the fit and feel, and we definitely buy into the concept of compression clothing.


Another key feature is the clip away fastening.  The wide strap comes from the back of the shorts and thoughtfully includes a mesh insert, to ensure that it is well ventilated and breathable.  It separates to fit over the head and then comes together again to clip into a single strap at the front, which sits comfortably between your breasts.  The age old debate for women who wear bibs is how best to wear the traditional over the shoulder straps: outside, inside or over the top of our breasts – more of an issue for the better endowed amongst us, but clearly a compromise that belies the fact most bib shorts are designed for men.  SPIUK’s solution is most effective, although in the interests of fully testing these shorts, we did manage to smack ourselves on the chin, by releasing the clip from the bottom, while not holding onto the top part – not once but twice – Doh!


The pad is SPIUK’s Team Women, a multi density, high wicking, women specific pad, which provides good protection and has bio-directional elasticity to ensure a close fit.  Flatlock seams throughout mean there's no chaffing or irritation and add to the overall comfort and reflective flashes have been sewn into the sides of the shorts, alongside the reflective logo.


Price: £79.99

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colour: Black

Website: www.spiuk.co.uk


Performance: 8/10

Value: 8/10


High performance summer bib shorts, specifically designed for use by women and packed full of features.


Tested by Janet Birkmyre

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