Tifosi DEA Sunglasses



If Jackie O had ridden a bike, these are the sunglasses she'dd have chosen to wear whilst pedaling!  They are the most stylish cycling glasses we have come across, but they have not given up any of the functionality that is essential for them to be worn during exercise.



Tifosi glasses



When we first put them on, we were really surprised by just how light and comfortable they felt and the rubber coating on the nose and at the end of the arms, kept them in place whatever we got up to on the bike.  Cleverly, the rubber is designed to give more grip as it gets wet and promises to keep its grippy qualities over time. 



The TR-90 frame is described as virtually indestructible – we did not test them to destruction, but we gave them a good bending and they always came back to their original shape.  The DEA style is very slightly wrap-around, which gives great peripheral vision and the small ventilation gap between the lens and the frame on the outside edge, keeps from fogging up and a little cooling too.



The lenses themselves are decentred, to eliminate any distortion or magnification and are made from impact resistant polycarbonate, which will flex rather than shatter on impact.  Crucially, they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and the Tifosi “Glare Guard” promises to decrease eye fatigue.



We are all shapes and sizes at BikeEnvy and found that these glasses looked great on pretty much all faces: small, medium and large.  They also seem to work with a range of helmets - we tried them with a few of the big brands and found that they sat comfortably under the shell and straps.  That said, the fit of glasses with helmet can be a very individual thing, so if in doubt, take your helmet with you when choosing your glasses.



The Tifosi DEA glasses come complete with a choice of three interchangeable lenses, we had the black/pink frame on test and this comes with a set of clear lenses, a smoke gradient option and a pair of all conditions red lenses.  They’re quick and easy to change, even without reading the instructions - oh yes, we can be in touch with our masculine side sometimes!!



The zip around case is very substantial and withstood a significant amount of abuse in our kit bag.  It has internal pockets that mean you can store the spare lenses and of course, and a bag that doubles as a lens cleaning cloth as well.



On a final note, we know some glasses manufacturer will tell you that you are not supposed to push glasses up, off your face and onto your head, but honestly, if they were female, they would know that this is an essential feature!  So we are pleased to report that the Tifosi DEA looked great, held back our hair and kept their shape even when off our faces and on our heads!



Price: £49.99

Lenses included: 3 x interchangeable

Frame colours: Black/pink, Gloss wood, Leopard

Size: fits most faces

Weight: 29 grams

Website: www.todayscyclist.co.uk




Performance:  8/10

Value:  8/10

Seriously stylish glasses, with interchangeable lenses that compliment most faces.



Tested by Janet Birkmyre

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