Fox Flux helmet tested in Alps

Fox have a stunning range of clothing and helmets for women this year and roll on 2011 too if the Flux Women’s helmet is anything to go by.  We took the helmet to the French and Swiss Alps to test it in some serious terrain with the dirtgirls mountain bike camp. A tall order if ever there was one!



Fox Flux helmet 1


We all loved the deeper rear profile and additional protection of the EPS shell that offers great coverage and protection than a standard XC helmet. Although, you can still expect superb ventilation thanks to the 20 strategically positioned vents that work in conjunction with the visor and spoiler. Yep that’s right it has a spoiler, to stop you catching air on the trail – Ok not really, but it does aid airflow and air discharge through the rear of the helmet.



This helmet is designed for serious riding and freeriding so it’s needs to be well anchored and to stay in place during a crash. The webbed chin strap is anchored directly into the EPS shell for additional strength and the retention adjustment is the easy to use dual ratchet ‘Detox’ system.


Often women’s helmets are adorned with flowers or butterflies, and to be honest we’re a bit sick of this graphic patronising, so we breathed a sigh of relief at the rather subtle pattern of the ‘Sea Spray’ which all the dirtgirls liked.



Fox Flux helmet 2



OK, so all that sounds great, but does the fit and comfort live up to our expectations? Well despite the dirtgirls having a variety of head shapes and expectations, 100% of the testers loved the fit and feel of the Flux. The deeper profile and added protection gave the riders extra confidence and security even in the toughest of riding conditions like the rocky trails in the Alps.


Price: £69.99

Colours: Sea Spray

Size: XS/S (50-54cm), S/M (54-58cm), L/XL (59-64cm)

Testing Standards: CPSC, CE: EN 1078, AS/NZS 2063



Performance:  10/10

Value:  9/10


If you want some serious protection for your train riding and aren’t willing to compromise on ventilation then look no further, you’ve found your helmet!


Tested by the 2010 dirtgirls, and written by Bex Hopkins

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