Skins Women's Cycle Pro Compression Shorts


We love the Skins range of recovery compression wear and the addition of their compression benefits to these shorts really make them stand out from the crowd. The range of women’s specific Skins products are getting rave reviews from our testers – we absolutely love them and have been wearing them on the road and out on the trails, as well as in spin classes and then afterwards to recover!


The Cycle Pro Compression shorts have been designed to deliver all the benefits of Skins BioAcceleration technology, originally developed for their recovery garments, and now in clothing that can be worn on the bike.  These shorts feature Skins “engineered gradient” compression, which gives a precise pressure over specific body parts, rather than the overall tight squeeze that you might feel with other brands of compression wear.  Skins technology has been scientifically proven to give circulatory benefits and this in turn improves the oxygen supply to the muscles, as well as assisting the body in eliminating lactic acid and other waste accumulated during exercise – so you can perform at a higher level for longer and recover more quickly.


The pad is as good as any we have tested, at any price range, which is flattery indeed coming from the BikeEnvy test bench.  Skins call it their Elastic Interface Technology Multi DF Chamois, all of which means you get a top of the range, women’s specific, multi density pad, designed to deliver more padding just where we ladies need it most. Without compromising freedom of movement and of course it wicks away moisture, to keep you cool and fresh - what more can we ask for?


Skins Shorts



The styling is simple; black fabric with silver seams, but the cut is very flattering with a wide waist band for comfort.  The technical fabric is, as you might expect, high performance in terms of wicking away moisture, but also works to help maintain a constant body temperature, whatever the conditions.


The leg length is perfect and as these shorts are designed to work with your body, they actually hold your muscle in the right position to work optimally.  The legs are held in place with wide gripper tape that has just the right amount of stickiness to stop them riding up and they do not feel over tight around the quads.


On top of all this they also give protection from the sun (UV 50+) as well as having antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments prevent odour. One thing to point out with the Skins range, the sizing is not as simple as chosing your normal dress size, you need to work out the best size for you based on your height, weight and some simple measurements. This ensures a fabulous fit and optimal performance from the garment, trust us, the results are well worth the tiny bit of pre-purchase effort!


To read more about why compression wear can be so beneficial to riders, on the bike and in recovery, check out our Buyers Guide to compression wear.



Price: £99.99

Sizes: FXS, FS, FM, FL, FXL (you will need to check a Skins size chart)

Colours: Black



Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10


A really excellent women specific short, with top of the range comfort and added compression benefits as well.


Tested by Janet Birkmyre


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