British National Track Championships


Women's Team Sprint


The GB squad paring of Jess Varnish and Rebecca James were the clear favourites for this title and they did not disappoint.  Qualifying a full second faster than the City of Edinburgh duo and Scottish Commonwealth Games team of Jenny Davis and Charlene Joiner, their only challenge seemed to be how close they could get to Victoria Pendleton and Shanaze Reade's national record.  In the event they were just 6 tenths off it and they were almost two seconds clear of the City of Edinburgh team.


The fight for the bronze medal was much closer.  The second City of Edinburgh team of, Emma Baird and Kayleigh Brogan qualified half a second slower than the Welwyn Wheelers team of Victoria Williamson and Laura Trott, but the Scots girls turned that around in the medal ride off and took bronze medal by two tenths of a second.



Gold Jess Varnish/Rebecca James (NW Region) 00:34.1
Silver Jenny Davis/Charlene Joiner (City of Edinburgh RC) 00:35.9
Bronze Emma Baird/Kayleigh Brogan (City of Edinburgh RC) 00:37.0
4th Victoria Williamson/Laura Trott (Welwyn Wheelers) 00:37.2



Women's Points Race


After a number of silver medals, Corrine Hall took her first National Title in the Points Race, after going solo to take a lap on the field. 


Dani King dominated the early stages of the race.  She rode with a confidence and tactical awareness that seemed sure to deliver the title.  She scored in the first sprint, won the second sprint and continued to accumulate points as the race went on.  In winning maximum points from the fourth, seventh and eighth sprints, she put herself well clear of the rest of the field and when she wasn’t winning sprints, she covered the moves.


Then Corrine Hall broke away with two other riders.  They made little progress at first and so Corrine carried on alone and even though she got herself into the same straight as the bunch, she seemed destined not the make contact.  While she was on her own off the front, she took maximum points in two sprints and then the main bunch slowed fractionally and she was able to join them and claim 20 points for the lap gain, which put her into the lead.


With just two sprints left to go, Dani was now on the offensive.  Sprint 11 was taken by GB Squad member Anna Blythe, win Dani’s team mate, Hannah Rich, in second place and Dani third.  At this point there was three points between Corinne and Dani and just one sprint to go.  With Anna Blythe again taking maximum points, and thereby securing the bronze medal for herself, she put the title beyond Dani’s reach and Corrine was crowned the new national Points Race champion.


Corrine said "It is my first senior championship after a load of seconds and my first proper win in ages so I'm over the moon."



1 Corrine Hall (Team Corridori) 38
2 Dani King (Horizon Fitness) 36
3 Anna Blyth (100% ME) 22
4 Ruby Miller (Forza Cycles) 17
5 Hannah Rich (Horizon Fitness) 13
6 Laura Trott (Welwyn Wheelers) 12
7 Harriet Owens (Bicester Milenium) 9
8 Lisa Daly (Sport City Velo) 5
9 Eileen Roe (Limpet Technology) 0
10 Marianne Britten (Maxgear RT) -20



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