World Championship Road Race Predictions


Emma Silversides is a professional road racer based in Belgium, riding for Red Sun cycle team, she spends her life on the bike and knows a thing or two about riding and racing in the fast lane.  Here she shares her thoughts on who could do well in the elite women’s World Championship Road Race, which takes place on Saturday 2nd October in Geelong, Australia.


Emma Silversides Red Sun Cycling Team

Photograph courtesy of Krist Vanmelle


Having raced most of the big UCI road races this year, I feel that I have seen who has good legs and who hasn’t; being in this position gives a slightly different perspective when watching the ‘big one’, the World Championship road race this weekend!  So I thought that I would share with you some of my inside knowledge right now.


Not too many riders hold super top condition throughout the whole season, but I have been privileged to support one rider who did just th at and who has to be one of the favourites going into the road race.  Emma (Johansson - Sweden) opened her season with a win in Het Nieuwsblad and has stacked up a string of podiums since then. Her form has not dipped at any point and recently, she finished on the top step in Trofee d’Or and recorded a very respectable 4th at the Giro della Toscana, in spite of some bad luck with a mechanical.  Marianne Vos (Holland) is probably the only other rider who has equalled Emma for consistency this season, though she starts a little later than most road riders, due to her cyclo-cross commitments - she has however performed outstandingly in every race to date.


So to the riders who I have seen gradually improve throughout the season and thus put themselves in a position to contest the win; Judith Arndt (Germany), Noemi Cantele (Italy), Tatiana Guderzo (Italy), Tatiana Antoshina (Russian), Olga Zabelinskaia (Russia), Vicky Whitelaw (Australia) and Grace Verbeke (Belgium).  However, in my experience, none of these riders could win a sprint from a small group containing Marianne Vos or Emma Johansson, so we would have to see a finale like last year, where the winner broke away from the main peloton and soloed to victory.  I have heard that the course is tough - the first climb alone described as ‘long and steep’, hence I have omitted Kristen (Holland) Wild from my predictions!


What about the British though? With the right decisions in the race, I believe that GB has the best team to win this year.  They have willing workers and real depth where ‘in-form’ toppers are concerned with Lizzie Armistead, Sharon Laws and Emma Pooley. Each of these riders has different strengths and GB should control the race and take advantage of this. The only other team who can really match us are the Dutch, who can boast a similar range of talented riders.


What I believe it will boil down to is some serious team work and an attitude of ‘you will win if you are willing to also lose’. Enjoy the viewing!


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