Altura Synchro shorts


These baggies from Altura are a performance shorts, but at first glance they are disguised as something altogether more casual.  Black (or grey) with white piping, with a removable lycra liner which has a bright pink chamois pad.  A 3/4 length version is also available.



Given the price tag, our expectations were not sky high, but we were delighted to be proved wrong.  First of all the styling is very nice indeed - and this is combined with plenty of really practical features, for example the outer/baggy material is stretchy - all over!  If you usually just wear lycra shorts, you may have found that baggies don't stretch so much and can be restrictive – not so with the Altura Synchro.  We also noted that that the material used for the outer shell, is pretty substantial, so they combine just the right amount of stretch with a fair amount of protection as well. 



Altura Synchro short



The waist band on these shorts is a 'grown on' style and is extremely comfortable with has attractive designed in belt loops and fastened by a substantial popper and zip.



We always take a good look at the pad.  We reckon that some manufacturers are guilty of thinking that women who wear baggies aren't serious about performance and they skimp on the chamois.  Not so with the Synchro shorts.  The multi density, women’s specific pad is just the right thickness and very nicely contoured, giving excellent comfort even on longer rides.  In addition, the leg grippers are not too tight, but keep the liner nicely in place.  There are little straps that hold the liner together with the shorts - but conveniently the liner is removable. In fact the liner is so good, it could easily be worn alone (if you cut the label off the outside) as it is made of lycra - rather than see-through mesh.



In terms of sizing, we tried the 10 which Altura call an XS, our tester would usually take an 8-10 (yes we hate her sometimes too!) and found these shorts fitted her well.  The short length is good and gives more protection from sun and brambles than many others.



The only criticisms we could make of these shorts is that they don't come in many colours (black or grey only) - it would be nice to have a khaki pair say.  Also, they don't have a zip or secure pocket - just two open pockets in the front, but these are only small niggles as these shorts are great value for money and very comfortable. Overall we loved them and will be looking out for the 3/4 length ones for the Autumn.



Price: £49.99 (but there are some great bargains out there!)

Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

Colours: Black, Grey




Excellent baggy shorts that perform well beyond expectations and look pretty good too!

Performance: 9/10

Value: 10/10 (and our tester says she is mean!)



Tested by Corinne Knoesen

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