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Nikki Harris has competed on the British Track team, raced at World Cup level and is accomplished in all cycling disciplines, we wanted to know what she has in store for 2011 and the future.


How did you get into cycling?  

I started cycling when I was about 8 years old, racing up and down the garden on a little purple shopping bike. I started racing cyclo-cross at under 10 level and basically went on from there. I’ve competed at World Cup level in mountain bike, road, track and cyclo-cross, and have ridden the World Championships in each of those disciplines. Currently my main focus is cyclo-cross but road and mountain bike are also very important to me.



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How long have you been involved in the sport and what was your first event?  

As a youth I raced more for fun, it turned more serious when I moved to Manchester at 17 to be part of the Great Britain Track team. My first ever race was at Nott’s and Derby Cyclo-cross League race at Allestree park.


What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?  

I want to be World Cyclo-cross Champion within the next 5 years. I also want to compete in the London 2012 Olympics and Rio 2016.



What are your strongest points?

I am very adaptable, after racing so many different disciplines I’ve learned to use all of those skills in every race I do. I can make myself hurt and I know how to train and race hard.


What would you say is your most prized cycling possession?

My legs.



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What would you class as your best ride or position to date?

I’ve had podiums and top tens but I think the best ride I’ve had is my 14th at my first Cyclo-cross World Championships in Hoogerheide, I crashed at the start, was pretty much last and I picked my way through the field to finish 14th , my lap times were as quick as the top 8 girls. So, as well as it being my best ride and feeling great, it was also disappointing to have crashed at the start. I had only been riding cyclo-cross for four months and I never thought that a top 15 at the Worlds would have been possible a few months before.


Who is your favourite sports person and why?

I love Cancellara, he’s an amazing athlete and I just think he knows what he is good at and how train to peak at the right time so he can get the result he wants. He is a great role model and his looks and legs aren’t bad either ;)


Have you got any advice for any young people thinking of getting involved in cycling?  

I would say from what I’ve experienced so far, cycling has really made my life what it is, it’s not just fun and a way to keep fit but also a way to meet friends and see the world.

How do you relax after a race?

I chill out with my boyfriend (Matt) and my cat (Gizmo).



Tell us what your plans are over the next few months.

I started my cyclo-cross season 2 weeks ago, my first World Cup will be mid-October in Switzerland. I’m really looking forward to a full season and improving through each race.



You can keep track of Nikki’s progress on her website



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