European Cyclo-Cross Championships


The European Cyclo-Cross Championships took place in Frankfurt this year and Stephan, Helen Wyman’s husband tells us how the race unfolded.


Helen Wyman European Cyclo Cross Championships


Despite heavy rain on Saturday and during the night, it wasn’t enough to change the course and it remained a very fast event. Helen had a slow start by her own standards, and admitted to not having the best day, but was able to regain the contact with the front of the race mid-way through the first lap.  She proceeded to lead the race through laps two and three.  A group of four riders had formed including local favourite Hanka Kupfernagel, but from an early stage it was the Dutch duo of van Paassen and van den Brand that looked the strongest. 


Hanka crashed on the lap four, leaving Helen alone to battle against the Dutch pair, but they proved to be too strong.  Working together and making Helen work hard to stay with them proved too much and she was left to solo into third place.


After the race Helen said, ‘It was a fast course, but there were still places you could use your strength and technical skills.  I know the course well having ridden here for the last three years so I felt confident.  This time last year, I didn't think I'd be disappointed if I'd got third in a European Championship, but today I am a little.  The two Dutch girls were very strong, they worked together and got the better of me.  There is no doubt that they were the strongest girls on the day and they deserved the top two steps of the podium, but I'll be back next year, even stronger, and I will try to win the jersey.’



1 Daphny Van Den Brand (Netherlands) 0:38:30  
2 Sanne Van Paassen (Netherlands) 0:00:09  
3 Helen Wyman (Great Britain) 0:00:40  
4 Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany) 0:01:01  
5 Pavla Havlíková (Czech Republic) 0:01:08  
6 Sophie De Boer (Netherlands) 0:01:14  
7 Jasmin Achermann (Switzerland) 0:01:17  
8 Chris Ferrier Bruneau (France) 0:01:27  
9 Caroline Mani (France) 0:02:11  
10 Paulin Ferrand Prevot (France)    
11 Linda Van Rijen (Netherlands) 0:02:17  
12 Sabrina Stultiens (Netherlands)    
13 Arenda Grimberg (Netherlands) 0:02:29  
14 Sanne Cant (Belgium) 0:02:30  
15 Sabrina Schweizer (Germany) 0:02:33  
16 Jana Kyptová (Czech Republic) 0:02:34  
17 Martina Zwick (Germany) 0:02:42  
18 Nikki Harris (Great Britain)    
19 Martina Mikulásková (Czech Republic) 0:03:23  
20 Nadia Triquet (France) 0:03:28  
21 Gesa Brüchmann (Germany) 0:03:29  
22 Gabriella Day (Great Britain) 0:03:37  
23 Reza Hormes (Netherlands) 0:05:11  
24 Madara Furmane (Latvia)    
25 Liga Smite (Latvia)    


You can follow Helen via her website



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