Abus Lyria Allium Pannier Office Bag


Who said panniers had to be bulky and geeky? Not Abus, that's for sure! We love their new range of bags and panniers aimed at women riders. They have feminised the graphics and also the sizing, so you don't look like you're off on a round the world epic when you want to pedal to work or the shops!


At £49.99, we have to admit it's not a cheap option but it is pretty unique in that you get a small size courier style bag that also works as a pannier, which in our mind makes it better value for money than first glances suggest.


Abus Allium Pannier



It's billed as an office bag, but we especially like that it doesn't look like one of those horrific black laptop bags you see the 'suits' carrying. It's also designed with recreation in mind - a headphone port with protected cable routing runs from the handy zipped pocket (it's waterproof too) and it's easy to get at as well! Under the main flap there's another zipped pocket and the main compartment is large enough for a laptop and some shopping or clothing.


The Allium is a tough bag too, made from water-repellent and durable 450D & 630D Nylon fabrics and very subtle in the brown and black colour combo. The shoulder strap had an adjustable pad and can be quickly removed from the pannier should you need to, or just tucked away inside whilst fitted to your rack. A handy carry handle is subtly hidden on the rear, next to the rack attachment hooks, which incidentally can be neatly hidden away under the padded zipped flap, so you don't feel the hooks when you're carrying the bag. Two last points to note include the reflective piping and handy key hook, so you should never loose your bike lock keys again!


We found the Arica easy to set up on our rack, the hooks are simple to adjust to fit the rails, only taking a minute to do. Putting the pannier on and takingit off the rack takes a mere second and feels pretty stable too, no additional straps seem to be needed. In town we felt like we were carrying any other useful shoulder bad, big enough for a light shop or all the office gear we'd need for the day! In terms of weather resistance, we have good results from light rain storms, but you do need to remember to flip out the side flaps, which Velcro into place, to keep all but torrential rain out!


If you're looking for something casual and with bigger capacity, you might to check out the 15L Belladonna at £54.99 or the double pannier Arrifa with 30L storage for £59.99.



Price £49.99

Colours: Black/Brown

Fabrics: 450D & 630D Nylon fabrics, waterproof

Website: www.zyro.co.uk


Performance: 8/10

Value: 7/10

A casual looking pannier bag that's also useful off the bike and looks good around town too!


Tested by Bex Hopkins



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