Tracy Moseley's end of season blog part 1


The UK's most successful female DHer, Tracy Moseley, has won numerous World Cup races, taken one World Cup Series, been British Downhill National Champion six times, but the world title has eluded her.  That is until 2010, when she was able to better the three silver medals previously taken at the World Championships and pull on the rainbow bands. We were keen to hear what she's been up to since that glorious day, so here's the first of two blogs from Tracy....



Tracy racing in her world champs jersey

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The week after winning the Worlds we headed back down into New York State to race at the final round of the Pro Gravity Series at Whiteface. It was going to be the toughest downhill race of the year as it was a long one - 5km! It was actually a pretty cool race track, lots of high speed at the start and then some technical sections in the woods. It got flatter and flatter as the track went on, so by the bottom it was a pretty good physical test. I was really enjoying riding and it was my first chance to wear the rainbow stripes. I spent all weekend trying to keep the jersey clean as it rained; but I guess I will just have to get used to the fact that it will never be white during next season! It was great weekend for the team, as I won the women's race and the boys took the top three in the men's.



Straight from Whiteface, I flew to Las Vegas to join up with Trek for their Top Fuel and Session 2011 bike launch at Brianhead, Utah. It was a fun week, so great to see the guys from Trek and to see just how happy they all were with my World Champs success. They had massive banners up for both me and Mathias, it was amazing! We had a few fun days riding in Brianhead with some media and US dealers but at 11,000ft it was pretty tough riding as there was just no air.



Tracy Moseley World Champ banner

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After the week in Brianhead, I went back to Las Vegas for a quick visit to Interbike and then we picked up a campervan which would become my home for the next few weeks. Myself, my boyfriend James, Sander my mechanic and a friend of ours Pete set off on a US road-trip!



We headed from Vegas to ride at Bootleg Canyon, the venue of the Dirt Demo at Vegas. Only about 30mins from Vegas, it has some really good trail riding. From there we went over the Hoover dam to Flagstaff and on to Sedona. Sedona was one of my favourite places to ride. The scenery with its beautiful red rock made the riding feel so unique. We got some great trail advice from the guys at Bike ‘n Bean bike shop and headed off on some epic days amongst the cacti!



From Sedona we headed via the Grand Canyon onto Moab. Having only a couple of days in each place was just not enough to really try all the trails, but we got a pretty good idea. In Moab we did the ‘whole enchilada ', a trail that is becoming quite well known now. You get a shuttle up to high in the La Sal mountains and then ride back down to the valley, pretty much all downhill for 35 miles!



It was amazing, such variation in the trails and scenery and you finish up on Porcupine Rim. By the end of the day I was really looking forward to the tarmac road back to town as my hands were dead...



Tracy Moseley in America

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From Moab we headed to watch the Red Bull  that was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. The terrain was just incredible and getting chance to hike up onto one of the ridges really gave the whole thing perspective. It is absolutely crazy. So cool to see the guys really risking so much. A very impressive show, but one that I have no interest in ever having a go at myself.



After Rampage it was time to get back into our own riding on normal trails. By this stage, Sander and Pete headed home, so it was just me and James who spent the next ten days riding the trails every day! That's something you can read all about in the next blog.



You can follow Tracy on her website and read part two of her blog next week.


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