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Tracy Moseley continues her adventures in America. Read her first blog now if you haven't already!



So, after getting the epic American adventure off the ground, it was time to move on from Rampage and get back to riding! Travelling with my boyfriend, James, we first headed to Fruita in Colorado. I have heard so much about Fruita - it is a mountain bike mecca - so it was great to finally go and ride a few of the trails. It really is such a tiny place with so much wicked riding and it's also got the best pizzeria and beer spot. You can't get any better - good riding and good food. Be sure to check out the Hot Tomato, it's run by an ex-mountain bike racer and mountain bike photographer, so you will also get great trails knowledge whilst you eat!



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Just down the road from Fruita is Grand Junction, another great place for some wicked trails. On from there we headed south and into the mountains. We stopped at Gunnison and rode some fun, smooth fast singletrack at Hartman rocks. We then woke up to a frost and realised we had certainly gained some elevation; in fact so much elevation that the ride we wanted to do in Crested Butte the following morning was not possible, as there had been too much snow!



We settled for a ride a little further down the valley. It was still an amazing journey, a 13 mile climb up a dirt road up into the snow covered tree line lead us into one of the most fun descents I have ever done, a seven mile downhill that took less than 15mins! It was amazing, so flowy and smooth it was awesome; almost worth the 2.5hr climb!



We then headed out of the mountains down to the mountain bike town that is Durango. I have raced a couple of times at Durango over the years, but I have never had chance to ride any of the great trail riding they have there. It really is such a perfect place as you can ride from town in almost any direction for hours and hours into the mountains. We met up with Trek legend Travis Brown who showed us some great local trails. They seem to have such a good balance with other trail users in Durango and mountain biking is seen as a normal thing to do, rather than a sport that is ruining the peace and quiet in the countryside. Something we could learn so much from here in the UK.



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From Durango we headed to Cortez, called in at Osprey packs office to say hello to the guys and check out the new packs for next year, before testing out the local trail spot called Phil's World. 21 miles of nothing but flowing singletrack, it was amazing.



That would be our final ride in the US and quite one to end on. From there we headed over to Los Angeles to visit Bike Magazine, Oakley and SDG saddles. It's always great to meet up with sponsors face to face and say thanks. Then it was pack up time and trying to cram all that stuff you have collected over the trip back into your bag!



On the way home I called in at Trek and had chance to catch up with tonnes of people and meet some of the guys that have put all the work in to make the bike that won the Worlds. They were all so happy it was a great feeling.



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From Trek I went to New York, one quick day and thanks to New York Velo bike shop, we borrowed some bikes and did the downtown by bike! Definitely the best way to see a big city like New York. It was pretty cool cruising through Times Square at rush hour on your bike!



That was it, US trip over and time to head home, just in time for winter to set in. I had an amazing time and came back so inspired to put some time in to make some sweet singletrack in the woods near home!



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