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Some 2.5 million Power Balance wrist bands have been sold worldwide and it seems that everyone from footballers to F1 drivers are wearing them (people who frankly can afford something altogether more stylish!), but what do they actually do?  Developed three years ago in California, Power Balance products make some pretty hefty claims about improving balance, strength and flexibility by using holograms embedded with frequencies which react positively with your body’s natural energy field. 





It is a fact that almost everything has a frequency within it.  The theory that these products are based on is that some frequencies react positively with your body and while others act negatively.  Power Balance claim that when their hologram comes into contact with your body’s energy field, it allows your body to interact with the natural, beneficial frequency stored within the hologram and this will optimise the flow of energy throughout your body.



OK, so you have probably got to be a believer, or at least have an open mind to give this a try and we elected to give the wrist band to Janet Birkmyre.  Not only is she a bit ‘alternative’ at times, but on top of this minimum requirement, she was recovering from a bad crash when we were offered a Power Balance wrist band to test and she was desperate for anything that might help her recover from her injuries in time for the National Track Championships.



There are three simple muscle tests that are demonstrated on You Tube that show how balance, strength and flexibility are improved by Power Balance and you can try these yourself.  For us the balance test was inconclusive, but strength and flexibility did appear to improve slightly.



We tested the light weight, silicone band, set with two holograms, by wearing it 24/7 for about three months.  Janet came back from the crash, which separated her shoulder joint, to take a silver medal at the National Track Champs and five titles at the World Masters.  Could she have done this without the Power Balance?  That is a question to which we will never know the answer.



Sports scientists and sceptics claim there is no hard evidence to support the claims made by Power Balance, but the same could be argued of acupuncture, for which there is a great deal of positive - albeit anecdotal - evidence.   We think that if you buy into the concept that the wrist band can improve your health or athletic performance it probably will – yes, this might be a placebo effect, but that is very real for the wearer.


Sports jewellery with health and performance enhancing claims might just give you the edge if you are a believer.


Sizes: XS - XL

Colours:  Black/Black, Black/White, Blue/White, Clear/Pink, Clear/White, Pink/White, Red/White, White/Black

Price: £29.95

Website: www.powerbalanceuk.com



Tested by Janet Birkmyre

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