Xmas gifts for cycling gals


In the run up to Christmas we have asked ourselves, our kit testers and some cycling professionals what they really really want this year in the category of ‘stocking filler, ‘if I won the lottery I would buy...’ and ‘every day essential’.  We will be sharing these with you so that you compare your deepest desires or perhaps forward to friends, family, significant others - anyone who wants to know what women on wheels want.  We start with Bike Envy’s co-founder and editor, Bex Hopkins.  She really knows what’s available for women in the world of cycling having seen, tested, or desired it all at one time or another!




Bex Gift Ideas 3


I can’t think that any girl can have enough Merino garments and as we know you can’t possibly have enough socks either, so why not combine the two? Perfect in both size and price tag for a stocking filler, the Icebreaker Bike Ultralite Mini sock is available in a female fit for about a tenner. Sizing is S (3-4.5), M (5-6.5), L (7-8.5).


My lottery buy would be the Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality turbo trainer. What better way to make training exciting, you can race online and get the feel of a real ride. The trainer is equipped with a powerful engine brake that simulates climbs and descents, it has a manoeuvrable VR steering frame to simulate cornering, how cool is that? If money were no object I’d buy all my mates one too so we could have races on the web at night during the boring winter months!  


An everyday essential would be lip salve, but in the winter months it’s useful to have a salve you can use on cold noses and cheeks, especially to protect from wind and rain. The Joshua Tree Cycling Salve comes in a tiny tub (about 2cm across) so it’s perfect for shoving in your pocket or saddle bag.  This versatile salve can be used on face, hands, lips, bum etc. I always have one in my pocket when I ride in the winter. It has microbial properties and can also be used on road rash to get you home after a crash! Costs about £6 for the mini jar.


Hope you get the cycling gifts on your Santa's list this year? If not check out the sales in January!


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