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Corinne Knoesen is a City & Guilds qualified bike mechanic and BC Coach, she is co-owner of The Bike Whisperer, a company providing coaching, bike fitting, new bike consultations, workshops and wheel building. Here’s Corinne’s top three Xmas gift choices for us to enjoy….


Xmas gifts


For a cheap and really useful gift I’d choose a windproof headband, a product that really punches above its weight.  It can make the difference between cold ear misery and a lovely ride with toasty ears.  It makes going out into a frosty morning bearable and then when you get warm enough it easily tucks into a back pocket. We like the dhb Windtex Skullcap £18.99 with thermal protection and a unique wind barrier membrane on the front facing panel to kill wind chill.

Stocking fillers are often the best gifts at Xmas and everyone could do with a missing link chain connector, I always keep a couple in every saddle bag in case I break a chain. Make sure you get the speed and make right, if you find you have an 8 speed Shimano link and a 10 speed Campagnolo drive train you won't feel so smug!  


santana tandem


If price were no consideration I’d choose a custom titanium tandem with S&S couplings, so my husband and I can travel more easily with our tandem, as well as have a thing of great beauty to look at under the tree.  I think Santana would be our builder of choice as they have huge experience of building tandems, and this would of course also necessitate a trip to the US to collect it. Now that sounds like a great Xmas plan!

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