Cyclo-Cross National Champs


Kona Factory Team rider Helen Wyman made history by taking a sixth straight UK Cyclo-Cross National Championship title in Derby at the weeked (8-9th January 2011).  The result never looked in doubt once the race favourite had taken the lead on the first lap and Helen powered away from the competition to finish almost a minute clear of the next rider.


cyclo-cross national champs podium wyman, day and harris


Gabby Day held onto second place for the significant part of the race, but a slip on the last lap cost her the chance to clinch the silver medal and so it was Nikki Harris that took second spot leaving Gabby to pick up the bronze medal.  Hannah Payton had a superb race to finish fourth on the day and in doing so took the Junior title.


“The National Championships are always a big deal, even if you don’t target them.  I’m very proud to wear the jersey and to win for a record 6th time is fantastic - it feels just as good to win this year as ever before and I couldn’t be happier” said Helen after the race. “I was very confident coming into the race.  There is less pressure on me at this race than at most, so I slept very well and rode a controlled race.  “The next three weeks are big for me; two very good World Cup courses that suit my strengths and then the World Championships and I’m confident I’ll be in good shape for St Wendel”


Helen wyman competing in the national jersey




1 Helen Wyman (Kona) 0:40:09  
2 Nikki Harris (APB Cycling Team) 0:00:54  
3 Gabriella Day (The ChainStay-RENNER) 0:01:10  
4 Hannah Payton 0:04:17  
5 Victoria Wilkinson 0:04:45  
6 Bethany Crumpton 0:04:46  
7 Corinne Hall 0:04:53  
8 Amy Roberts 0:06:14  
9 Ruby Miller 0:07:10  
10 Delia Beddis 0:07:49  
11 Claire Beaumont 0:08:01  
12 Laura Ralston (MIT) 0:08:06  
13 Katy Winton 0:08:37  
14 Hannah Reynolds 0:09:05  
15 Claire Thomas 0:09:38  
16 Caroline Goward 0:10:29  
17 Erin Billington 0:13:09  
18 Nikola Butler    
19 Madeleine Robinson    
20 Rebecca Keogh


You can follow Helen via her website

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