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Jenny Beesley will be racing DH in the Senior Women category for 2011 with the new Steve Peat Syndicate, she will be joining 11 other riders, plus Steve and a professional manager.


SPS offers riders a pro level programme to really raise their standard of riding as well as enjoying the benefits of a professional set up backed by some of the biggest names in mountain biking and managed by 2010 British National Masters Champion, Tristan Tunstall. The full support package includes the all conquering Santa Cruz V10 bike, two sets of SPS custom Royal race kit including team jerseys, 661 helmet and pads and two weekend training camps with Peaty and other top World Cup riders.


At the races, team members will also have the full support of a pit space and paddock area complete with Mercedes Sprinter team van, awnings and chill out areas along with a team mechanic to help keep them on track and the mechanicals at bay.



Jenny BeesleyThe SPS boys and Jenny Beesley (right)


We interviewed Jenny to see how excited she was to be racing for a World Champion.


Q. What does joining SPS mean to you?

I was so unbelievably stoked when I got the email from Peaty to say that I’d been chosen to ride for SPS this year.  I’ve only just started DH racing and I didn’t think I’d have much of a chance of being picked for the team – I’m glad I applied, because I was obviously wrong! With the support of Peaty, Tristan and my team mates, I know that my progression in my first year of racing will be much better than if I was going it alone.  It’s an amazing opportunity for somebody in my position, and I feel very lucky to have been given this chance.



Q. What are your aims for 2011 both on and off the racing circuit?

On the circuit I’d like to see a constant progression in my riding ability and race results.  I’m not expecting any miracles from my first full season, but I want to see improvement throughout the year.   Hopefully, by the final round of the BDS in Fort William I will have improved enough to get a decent result.

Off the circuit, I just want to have fun on my year out riding bikes!  I’m looking forward to making new friends and seeing new places,  I’ll be living in my van and traveling all over the country to ride and race.



Q. We hear your moving to UK for the season, is that true?

I was born and raised in the east of England, and I moved to New Zealand four years ago with my partner, Andrew, to seek new opportunities and a bit of adventure!  I’m currently studying medicine at the University of Auckland, who have very kindly given me a year off to come back to the UK and race for SPS.  Next year it’ll be back to the books for me, I have three years of study left before I qualify as a doctor.



Q. How long have you been riding bikes and racing DH?

I’ve been riding bikes for as long as I can remember!  Last year my friend Gabby Molloy, a World Cup racer, encouraged me to try racing.  Up until then, I’d never had a full suspension bike, so going from my steel hardtail to her old DH race bike was a bit of an experience! 



Q. What are the highlights of your DH racing/riding so far?

My first race was a 10 hour endurance DH which was great fun and way less pressure than doing a 2-3min race for my first time.  Everyone was so friendly and laid back, it made it easy to enjoy the day and not get too nervous about holding people up or getting in the way!



Q. Where do you usually ride/train/race?

Mostly at Riverhead Forest, near my home in Auckland.  Once a month I normally head down to Rotorua, which is about 3 hours drive away and is the closest venue with an uplift.

As I’ve just arrived in Britain, I’m staying with Andrew’s mum in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.  As soon as I get my new training bike (a Santa Cruz Butcher), I’m looking forward to riding Cwmcarn and the Forest of Dean, both of which are nearby.



Q. Can you tell us anything about you that may be of interest?

Although I’m a mountain biker first and foremost, I just love riding bikes.  Whether it be my mtb, road bike or BMX, I’m stoked to just get outside and go for a ride.  This year, I’m hoping to do some BMX racing as well, partly for fun but also as training for DH.



Q. What do you like doing when you're not riding?

I’m working on a research project for the Department of Surgery which I’ve almost finished, so I’ll soon have to get a proper job!  I’ve got a cytech qualification, so I might be able to work as a mechanic in a bike shop somewhere.  Away from work and riding, I like gardening, boxing, hanging out with my friends, fixing up old bikes and chilling at the beach.  Being where we are in NZ, I enjoy watching the rugby – it’s always cool to see the All Blacks play (unless they’re beating England or Wales!)



We wish Jenny all the best for her 2011 DH season and she'll be reporting back soon from the race circuit!

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