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Yesterday was the final round of the cyclo cross world cup series in Hoogerheide, Holland. The season seems to be coming to an end so quickly and I now only have a few races left. The main one being the World Championships in St.Wendel, Germany this weekend.


Gabby Day blog 24 Jan 

Picture courtesy of Kris Claeye


Unfortunately for me, the Hoogerheide World Cup did not go very well for me at all. I just struggled all the way through the race and had to battle with my legs just to finish.  I really did want to stop, but I battled on - I just seemed to have no strength and the result I ended up with is pretty poor.  The positive from the day is that I got a good start and moved up nicely from my third row gridding, putting myself nicely in the top 15, it was just unfortunate that I couldn’t maintain it!


Earlier in the week I had a blood test to check up on my iron levels to make sure that they are where they should be. I was pleased to learn that they have significantly improved from when I last had a test mid season.  However, I was advised by the doctor to have an easier week due to a very minor viral infection that showed up in my results.  In hindsight, I actually think that having an easy week did not help my preparation for the world cup, as I had not properly opened up my legs ready for the race.


The week before Hoogerheide I raced in France, Pont Chateau which was the penultimate world cup and it was a new venue for me, so I was looking forward to it. We travelled down to France on the Friday and after a 6hr 30 drive we arrived. After checking the course out on the Saturday, I was happy with it and ready to race.  It was super fast and flowing with a very tough climb that would sure sort everyone out!


On race day I got a pretty poor start, but managed to work my way back up the positions due to the course being nice and wide open; I actually moved up the whole race and only ever passed people, which was a great feeling.  My legs did not feel amazing and I could still feel the week’s training in them but I was able to race well.  On the final lap I managed to tag onto the back of the group going for 12th position, but in the sprint finish I could not move up and I finished 16th but happy with how I had ridden.


I am now getting for the World Champs this weekend.  So it will be all positive thoughts this week and hopefully it can be a great day.


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