Skins Cycle Pro women’s compression bib longs



Skins offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of women’s compression wear on the market; recovery tops and bottoms, plus on bike kit including shorts, 3/4 bibs, long tights and arm, leg and knee warmers. The underlying principle is that all of their products are scientifically proven to help your body perform better and recover more quickly.  That means you can work better for longer and with less pain the next day – what’s not to like about that!



The compression bib longs give full leg coverage and therefore compression benefits over the whole leg, with a little more protection from the cold as well.  They work really well in spring and autumn,  but are perhaps not quite heavy enough for winter wear.


Skins Long Bibs



Skins clothing is unlike some compression garments in that they do not just apply lots of squeeze over the entire area and hope for the best, they feature Skins “engineered gradient” compression, which gives a precise pressure over specific body parts.   This has been proven to deliver circulatory benefits and in turn, this improves the oxygen supply to the muscles, as well as assisting the body in eliminating lactic acid and other waste that is accumulated during exercise.



For these longs there has been no economy with the pad – the Italian design is top dollar and we found that it really does protect the sensitive areas that need it most.  The grandly named Elastic Interface Technology chamois is a women’s specific, multi density pad, that has been designed to deliver more padding just where we need it most, but without compromising freedom of movement and of course it wicks away moisture, to keep you cool and fresh.



The styling is classic Skins - the little black dress equivalent of your cycling wardrobe.  In this case black with silver seams and the overall cut is very flattering.   Really the fit has to be experienced to be believed because every inch of these bib longs has been designed to work with the female form on the bike.  Combine this with anatomically positioned seams that work as anchor points along specific muscle groups to focus power and reduce vibration and you have a fit that works completely with your body.   No need for gripper tape or stirrups to keep the legs in place.



The sizing is critical to the fit of Skins garments.  They use body mass index and an anthropometrical algorithm, rather than the rather crude concept of dress size and the resulting feel over the legs is wonderful - a second skin of supportive fabric. The real surprise is the ‘bib’ which is more of a vest, it covers your whole torso, combining high wicking and breathable back and front panels. No thin straps over the shoulders that women with curves have to think about where to place and which often rub regardless of your bra size.  The bottom line is that once you have got them on, you never have to fiddle or make adjustments, they just sit exactly where you want them to and let you get on with the pedalling.



The technical fabric is, as you might expect, high performance in terms of wicking away moisture, but also works to help maintain a constant body temperature, whatever the conditions – hence it is good indoors and out – and you have the comfort of knowing that it also protects you from the sun’s harmful rays - let’s hope that is something to consider real soon!  Perhaps more relevant just now is the antibacterial and antimicrobial features, which work to help prevent odour. Finally, there are reflective strips and reflective logos that which catch the light from all angles and increase your visibility on the road.



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Price: £153

Sizes: FXS, FS, FM, FL (you will need to check a Skins size chart)

Colours: Black (with silver stitching)




Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10

Bib longs that fit so perfectly that you will not want to ride in anything else and which offer the benefits of Skins compression wear too.


Tested by Janet Birkmyre

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