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Olympic Gold medallist Victoria Pendleton has launched Cycletta supported by Sky and British Cycling, a unique series of women-only, mass participation events, created to inspire more women to take up cycling. Two events are scheduled in 2011; Cycletta North on 26th June near Manchester and Cycletta South on the 11th September near London. Thousands of women are expected to take part, inspired by the opportunity to cycle alongside Victoria and take on a new sporting challenge.


Cycletta events will take place on 40km course, a distance specifically designed to providea fitness challenge, while remaining achievable and accessible. Cyclists of all abilities will be tackling the challenge, from committed enthusiasts looking for a blast on traffic free roads, to women who are eager to regain their confidence back in the saddle. The  Cycletta experience will begin from registration, with regular training tips, equipment and nutrition advice, including personal anecdotes of support from the current Olympic gold medallist.



Cycling Ambassadors


Victoria Pendleton said “Cycling has been my passion since I was a child.  Through the Cycletta series I want to inspire women to join me and cycle; as a hobby, a sport, a way to get fit and healthy.  Whatever the reasoning, cycling can improve your life. I hope Cycletta will bring women together as they take on their own cycling challenge."



"Through the Cycletta Series I want to inspire women to join me and cycle; as a hobby, a sport, a way to get fit and healthy or a way to escape.  Whatever your reasoning cycling can improve your life and the Cycletta Series of events on close roads will bring women together of all abilities to take on their own cycling challenge.  Join me and 1,000s others and I look forward to seeing you out there."


A number of other high profile women are Cycletta Ambassadors, including Miranda Hart,  Comedienne, who says "Cycletta is an amazing way to inspire womankind to take to the bicycle.  The thought of 1,000s women all cycling together conjures up many entertaining thoughts and should be a huge amount of fun for everyone participating; so come on girls, go for it."


Jill Douglas, the BBC Sports presenter, "I have had the privilege of witnessing some incredible sporting achievements in the velodrome and out on the road and my passion for cycling has grown from those experiences.  You don't need to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy the freedom and joy that cycling can bring, just get out there and see for yourselves! There's a reason we all learn to ride a bike when we are kids, it's great fun! It's so easy to bring back those wonderful memories, just get back in the saddle."


Inspired? Enter Cycletta now.   "Join me and thousands of other girls for the ride of your life – see you there!" Victoria Pendleton, Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist



There are two events, both over 40km on safe, traffic free roads:

  1. Cycletta North on 26th June at Tatton Park, Cheshire
  2. Cycletta South on 11th September, Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire

Both events promise to be accessible yet challenging. For more information or to enter go to www.cycletta.co.uk



Victoria Pendleton in action

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