Women’s Tour of New Zealand 2.2


The women’s tour of New Zealand took place between Wednesday 23 and Sunday 27 February, with riders enjoyig fabulous summer conditions in the southern hemisphere.  A field of 65 riders started the race, with and incredible 64 crossing the line of the final stage.


Stage 1 Wednesday, February 23 2011 Route: Martinborough – Masterton, 98 km


Judith Arndt (HTC High Road) took stage one of the tour and the yellow leader’s jersey in a sprint ahead of Ruth Corseth (NZ National Team).


The stage was raced over a relatively flat, 100km course.  A nine-rider leading group was formed on the last climb of the day, within 20 km to go.  "Our plan was to attack on the last climb, and to put pressure on the other teams," said High Road Sports Director, Ronny Lauke, "The young riders did a great job controlling the group until then, and when the time came Amber Neben did a great lead out for Judith, who brought it home."


Tour of NZ stage 1 podium Arndt wins from Cheatley and Corset

Stage 1 Podium: L-R: 2 Catherine Cheatley, Judith Arndt, Ruth Corset (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS Picture © PETER Bruggenman



1 Judith Arndt (Ger) HTC Highroad Women 2:45:19  
2 Catherine Cheatley (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team    
3 Ruth Corset (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS    
4 Joanne Hogan (Aus) Jayco/VIS    
5 Vicki Whitelaw (Aus) Jayco/VIS    
6 Rachel Neylan (Aus) Team Diadora-Pasta Zara    
7 Linda Villumsen (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team    
8 Amber Neben (USA) HTC Highroad Women    
9 Shara Gillow (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS 0:00:04  
10 Ina- Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) HTC Highroad Women 0:00:35  



Stage 2 Thursday, February 24 2011 Route: Masterton - Palmerston North, 114 km


Judith Arndt kept the ball rolling for HTC-Highroad with a victory in Stage 2 , thereby maintaining the race lead going into stage three.  Teammate Ina-Yoko Teutenberg won the bunch sprint for 4th place.


HTC Highroad in control of stage 2

Picture © PETER Bruggenman


"Chloe Hosking and Ally Stacher did a great job protecting Judith, covering the breaks controlling the group," says Sports Director Ronny Lauke. "Ina, Amber [Neben] and Amanda [Miller] took over toward the end and sent Judith into the break with plenty of strength left for the last 20km."


The course undulated for the first 90km, with a big climb at 100km.  As the breakaway trio neared the finished, Judith covered several attacks before outsprinting them for the win.


"For me it wasn't that hard until the last 20km," says Judith, "The team did all the work for me, and I had a really nice time in the group.  Myself and two others [Ruth Corsett (Jayco), Catherine Cheatley (NZ National team] were in the break at the end, and my teammates spent most of the time at the front of the bunch which was good for me," says Judith, "At the end, a sign said 3km to go when there was only 1km left. This threw me off a bit, but it all worked out in the end."


Arndt keeps the Leader's Jersey for HTC-Highroad going into Stage 3 with an 8 second lead.



1 Judith Arndt (Ger) HTC Highroad Women 3:09:55  
2 Catherine Cheatley (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team    
3 Ruth Corset (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS    
4 Ina- Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) HTC Highroad Women 0:01:13  
5 Sheng Yongyan (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling Team - China    
6 Joanne Hogan (Aus) Jayco/VIS    
7 Emma Crum (NZl) Cyclosport NZ    
8 Luo Xiao Ling (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling Team - China    
9 Amber Pierce (USA) Team Diadora-Pasta Zara    
10 Zhao Na (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling Team - China    


Stage 3 Friday, February 25 2011 Route: Palmerston North Ashurst Circuit, 87 km


Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (HTC-Highroad) claimed her first victory for the season in winning stage three, from a bunch sprint.  She beat the defending GC winner from 2010, American Shelley Olds (Diadora-Pasta Zara) and Catherine Cheatley (NZ Nat Team) at the end of a short 87km stage.  HTC Highroad teammate Judith Arndt retains the overall lead.


"It feels good to win my first race," said Teutenberg. "It's always tricky to know if you're fast enough at the beginning of the season.  There weren't any big climbs, mostly rolling hills, ups and downs, but the wind came right at the end and made it a bit tricky. The girls kept it under control again. There was a small break for about half the race but they were able to keep it all together. Then Judith and Chloe did a great job of the lead out, especially into the strong headwind."


Ina-Yoko Teutenberg HTC wins stage 3 of the Tour of NZ 

Stage 3 sprint won by Ina-Yoko Teutenberg Picture © PETER Bruggenman



1 Ina- Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) HTC Highroad Women 2:27:25  
2 Shelley Olds (USA) Team Diadora-Pasta Zara    
3 Catherine Cheatley (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team    
4 Alona Andruk (Ukr) Team Diadora-Pasta Zara    
5 Emily Collins (NZl) Cyclosport NZ    
6 Ruth Corset (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS    
7 Meng Lang (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling Team - China    
8 Vicki Whitelaw (Aus) Jayco/VIS    
9 Shi Li Na (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling Team - China    
10 Joanne Hogan (Aus) Jayco/VIS



Stage 4 Saturday, February 26 2011  Route: Palmerston North – Masterton, 112 km


Team HTC-Highroad stayed in control of the race and were able to defend the lead of Judith Arndt throughout a challenging final stage of Tour of New Zealand and she claim the overall race victory.


The final stage was won by the Ukraine’s Alona Andruk (Team Diadora-Pasta Zara), who beat Kendelle Hodge (Jayco/Vis) and Emily Collins (Cyclosport NZ) in a sprint after being part of a seven-rider breakaway.


Arndt finished eighth, four seconds ahead of Catherine Cheatley (NZ National Team) and 12 seconds ahead of Ruth Corset (Team Jayco).


"Today was quite hard for my teammates," said Arndt. "With so many attacks and breakaways it was difficult to keep control.  They worked hard to bring back breaks and keep other breaks down to within a minute.  It was a tough job today because we weren't getting a lot of time gaps."


The course was the same as two days prior but in the opposite direction, beginning with a big climb followed by rolling hills to the finish.


"The race started with several attacks from our main GC competitors as expected," said HTC sport director Ronny Lauke, "but the girls did a good job countering and we sent Amber in a three rider break which gained up to a minute. The Kiwis were forced to chase and finally brought it back.  Several more attacks followed and we were always present until we finally let a group of non-GC riders get up to one minute to assure that the bonuses would be taken away at the finish."


There is a final criterium to race, but this does not count towards the tour general classification.


Tour of NZ stage 4 Arndt leads the bunch 

Judith Arndt leads the bunch and the race in stage 4 - Picture © PETER Bruggenman



1 Alona Andruk (Ukr) Team Diadora-Pasta Zara 3:28:02  
2 Kendelle Hodge (Aus) Jayco/VIS    
3 Emily Collins (NZl) Cyclosport NZ    
4 Jeanne Kuhajek (NZl) Team Mini NZ    
5 Kate Chilcott (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team    
6 Shara Gillow (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS 0:00:03  
7 Alexandra Carle (Aus) Team Jayco - AIS 0:00:08  
8 Judith Arndt (Ger) HTC Highroad Women 0:00:35  
9 Shelley Olds (USA) Team Diadora-Pasta Zara    
10 Zhao Na (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling Team - China



Stage 5 Sunday, February 27 2011  Route : City of Wellington Criterium


HTC Highroad sealed their domination of the tour with a win in the final criterium.  This time it was Amanda Miller who took the honours, soloing to a fin win in the capital city, Wellington.


The team's plan was to make the race hard from the very beginning with the intention of splitting up the field. The deciding break of the day saw four HTC-Highroad riders in the front group. Chloe Hosking and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg proceeded to attack to whittle down the bunch, and by the end only five riders remained with both Miller and her teammate Judith Arndt in the group.


Arndt and Miller continued to attack and finally Miller made it away and soloed to the finish for a spectacular win. Arndt sprinted from the small group to take fourth place.


"It was a great final day of an already good week," said Miller. "It was really exciting to race here with the team for the first time and really nice that we were so successful."


"Toward the end, there were five riders with Judith and I and we just kept attacking and counter-attacking each other. At one point Judith attacked and I got dropped. Then the group got tired and sat up so I attacked again and got up front for the win."



"The girls put in a really good show and dominated the field," says sports director Ronny Lauke, "It was a good display of the level of fitness and teamwork we strive for. With Amanda winning today and Judith winning the overall tour, we can say that we're very happy with the way the week has gone for us in New Zealand. Now we go into the European races with a lot of motivation." 


Amanda Miller HTC Highroad wins Wellington Crit in Tour of NZ

Picture © PETER Bruggenman



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