Special recognition award for Tracy Moseley


There is no doubting that Tracy Moseley is the UK's most successful female Downhiller.  Last year, she topped off an enviable list of wins, including World Cup races, a World Cup Series and multiple British National Downhill titles by taking the World Downhill title in some style.  It is a path she has largely carved for herself, with limited help from British Cycling Federation.  After a career spanning 13 years and surely with more to come, Tracey was honoured at the annual awards dinner last weekend with a special recognition award and judging by the reaction of the crowd, it was the most popular award of the night.


Tracy Moseley in action wearing the World Champions jersey


Speaking about the win of the World Title she said, “it didn’t seem real for ages afterwards, not until I saw myself in photos wearing that rainbow jersey!  It was quite surreal, you dream about what it is going to feel like (but) you can never create that moment of standing on the podium, putting that jersey on and hearing the national anthem.  That is the most exciting part of it.”


Asked what’s next for her, she revealed some interesting goals.  “The older I have got and the more I enjoy cycling as a whole and not just downhill.  I enjoy more the endurance side of things and there are a few little goals out there.  Having spent 13 years with this one big goal, finally ticked it off and you think what next?  You need to come up with a few goals, for a challenge more than anything.  I would love have a go at a few cross country races and even a few cyclo-cross races, but it will not be to the same level, it will be more for the enjoyment rather than really serious competition”.


We wish Tracy huge success, whatever she chooses next.


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Tracy Moseley's world championship winning run 





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