Knog Boomer USB Rechargeable LED lights


It is rare that we get quite so excited by a new product but the Knog Boomer USB rechargeable LED lights are just everything we have ever wanted in a bike light and with a sub-zero cool factor as well.


They are completely intuitive to use – we love it when we don’t have to read the instructions – they were out of the box and plugged into the PC before the packaging had hit the floor.  Yes, we were like kids at Christmas!


Knog USB Bloomer front


What we liked most of all is that these little lights do not require the purchase of batteries, they charge from a USB charger or a USB port on your computer, which makes them as environmentally friendly as our bikes.  You simply pull them out of their water resistant stretchy silicone bodies, plug them in and two to four hours later, you have up to 36 hours of strobe flashing (with three modes to chose from) or 4 hours of constant light at your disposal.  And trust us when we say they are really bright – we were almost blinding each in normal day light and then we tested them on the bike after dark and were impressed by our field of vision as well as our visibility.  To ensure maximum visibility the rear light actually has two contrasting LEDs for high visibility patterning.


Knog USB Bloomer rear


They are very quick and easy to fit onto the bike, using the wrap around silicone strap which hooks back onto the body of the light and fixes it securely to the bars or seat post, and they are just as easy to detach again when you reach your destination – no need to even remove your gloves! 


Fabulously small (68 x 50 x 34 mm) and super light (just 50 grams), they will fit into a pocket or handbag and you can choose from a rainbow of colours to suit your mood, your bike or your kit.


Should you get around to reading the instructions, you will find some really useful features.  These include the ability to preserve the condition of the Lithium-Ion batteries, by resting them at 50% charge, if the Boomer USB for isn’t going to be used for an extended period of time.  There is also a low battery indicator in the lens – clever!



Light output: Front 55 lumens / Rear 30 Lumens

Recharge: Via any USB port or USB charger, 2-4 hours to full charge

Colours: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Translucent and White

RRP: Front £33.99 Rear's retail at £31.99.



Environmentally friendly bike lights that are small, light and very bright!


Performance: 9

Value: 9


Tested by Janet Birkmyre

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