Evelyn Stevens of HTC-Highroad took a solo win in Germany on Sunday 20 March, winning the traditional opening of the German Spring classics, Koeln-Schuld-Frechen. HTC-Highroad dominated the race and also managed to get Adrie Visser on the podium in second place after she won the bunch.


Koeln Shuld Frechen HTC


"It was a really fun race," said Stevens, "as there were a lot of people out on the roads watching the race and it was perfect weather."


The 100km course consisted of one large loop on flat terrain through small villages around Koeln.


"We wanted to be aggressive from the start," explained HTC Sport Director Ronny Lauke, "but it was quite hard for small groups to stay away on this course, so we used the last 15km to really attack the race."


Visser and Judith Arndt made their own attacks in the latter part of the race but it was the counter by Stevens that stayed away.


"Judith and Adrie set it up perfectly for me with their attacks and I was able to stay away until the finish," added Stevens. "It's nice to get some good racing under our legs with the first World Cup coming up next week. We're excited about the season really getting under way."           



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