CRAFT Cool boxer


Cool Bike Boxer is a highly breathable pair of bike pants, with a lightweight antimicrobial technical pad.  Perfect for wearing under ‘normal’ clothes when commuting, on a more relaxed ride, or for when meeting friends for a coffee is more important than getting the miles in - really any time that you do not want to don full lycra, but still need some protection in the saddle region.



They might not be considered conventional ‘first date’ underwear (depending on your date of course!) but they definitely look cute on and with the options of black, white, surf (blue) and coral, all with contrasting seams, there is plenty of choice.  They are stretchy, incredibly light and include mesh panels across the back and down the front of the leg to keep you really cool.  The technical fabric wicks away moisture as fast as your outer layer will allow and they have been cut to give unrestricted movement, as well as being slim enough that it is easy to forget you are wearing them.


The pad is women’s specific, laminated, dries quickly and has antimicrobial properties.  The seamless, 3D design gives a great fit and incorporates channels that move moisture to the outside of the pad, which dries very quickly.  They would be perfect for holiday wear as we found we could wash them out in a basin and they were ready to go again in next to no time.


These are boxer shorts but not as we know them…  the award winning COOL fabric is so technical that it actually pulls moisture away from the skin and in doing so keeps the body cool.  So if you are looking for chamois padding to wear under any clothing, from your favourite baggies to your skinny jean, these might be just what you have been looking for.


Whilst these have been designed to afford you the comfort you get from cycling shorts under everyday clothes, we also think they will be great come winter.  We will be putting them on under our winter longs for a little extra comfort on those long rides, but let’s not wish summer away just yet!


Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Colours: black, white, surf, coral

Price: £25 (we've seen them for £20)




Tested by Janet Birkmyre


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