Craft Bike Socks


There is a serious smile factor delivered by a really good pair of socks, so if you are looking for an easy way to spoil yourself, then you will find that a pair of Craft Bike Socks will punch way above their weight in terms of feel good factor.


These are no ordinary socks, these are cycling specific socks, using high-tech materials combined with specific panels and pressure points that work with you on the bike.  Pull them on, noting that they are labelled left and right (yes, that made us stop and think!) and immediately you feel a light squeeze all over your feet, because these socks fit like a second skin. 


craft zero bike sock


At the toe end, there is a soft, ergonomically shaped toe cap, which is very comfortable thanks to the extra cushioning under the toes, the ball of the foot and around the heel.  The sock is nicely stretchy all over and the ribbed elastic arch is super stretchy - it provides support around the mid foot area and keeps the sock beautifully in place.  The end result is a wonderfully comfortable fit and you will have minimal if any chaffing – in fact if you do have any chaffing while wearing these socks, we would suggest you check the fit of your shoes, because we wore them for hours and they never failed us .


The sock is knitted in a way that channels air and wicks away moisture to let your feet breath as much as your shoes will allow.  In addition, the panel over the top of the foot, where comfort is less of an issue, is the thinnest to keep your feet as cool and dry as possible.


They are part of a range that have been developed for use in different temperatures with the Cool range being geared towards warmer weather, Zero for the mid range and Warm for cold weather – yes, you probably could have worked that out for yourself!  We tested the Zero and would recommend it for pretty much anything you will experience in the UK, from early spring to early winter.


Great fitting socks, that enhance the feel of your cycling shoes and keep you feeling cool and dry.



Sizes: 37-39, 40-42, 43-45, 48-48

Colours: white/blue, white/orange

Price: £12




Tested by Janet Birkmyre



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