Nature Valley Grand Prix


Amber Neben (HTC-Highroad) took the general classification of the Nature Valley stage race, winning by 19 seconds from Erinne Willock (Team TIBCO/To The Top).  The final stage, a criterium, was won by World Champion, Girogia Bronzini (Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light) taking her tally of wins in this years Natures Valley GP to three, with Evelyn Stevens (HTC Highroad).


Amber Neben HTC Highroad Nature Valley

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"It was a great ending to a great day today with the GC win from Amber," said HTC-Highroad Sort Director Ronny Lauke, "That was our goal for this race and the girls worked hard to achieve it."

"Amanda rode great today," said Stevens,"We were able to work together to set Amber up and keep her in yellow, and we almost took a stage win at the end. But with a GC victory we're happy, it's what we came here to do."

"We wanted to ride the whole criterium hard and fast but steady, and the girls were amazing to watch." said Lauke, "All five f them really rode to perfection."

Stevens also won the most aggressive rider award, and Ally Stacher won the Carla Swart sportmanship award, which is given to the rider that works the hardest for their teams success above their own. Stacher was proud to accept this award that was created in honor of her late friend and team mate, Carla Swart.

This marks the third victory of the day for the team, after Leigh Howard's stage win at the Ster ZLM tour in Holland and Judith Arndt taking the overall at the Giro di Trentino.



1 Amber Neben (HTC-High Road) 8:04:25  
2 Erinne Willock (Team TIBCO/To The Top) 0:00:19  
3 Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) 0:00:49  
4 Ally Stacher (HTC-High Road) 0:01:06  
5 Evelyn Stevens (HTC-High Road) 0:01:10  
6 Anne Samplonius (NOW And Novartis) 0:01:45  
7 Jade Wilcoxson (NVGP Pro Ride)    
8 Giorgia Bronzini (Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light) 0:02:15  
9 Amanda Miller (HTC-High Road) 0:02:35  
10 Leah Kirchmann (Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light) 0:03:08  
11 Anna Barensfeld (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized) 0:03:29  
12 Amber Pierce (Diadora Pasta Zara) 0:04:05  
13 Rushlee Buchanan (Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light) 0:04:16  
14 Rachel Neylan (Diadora Pasta Zara) 0:04:18  
15 Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO/To The Top) 0:04:23  
16 Robin Farina (NOW And Novartis) 0:04:43  
17 Devon Gorry (NOW And Novartis) 0:04:58  
18 Inga Cilvinaite (Diadora Pasta Zara) 0:05:18  
19 Kristin McGrath (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) 0:05:37  
20 Lindsay Myers (Danbury Audi) 0:05:42  
21 Rosara Joseph (BikeNZ National Team) 0:06:39  
22 Leah Guloien (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized) 0:06:55  
23 Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus) 0:08:33  
24 Chloe Hoskins (HTC-High Road) 0:09:17  
25 Joelle Numainville (Team TIBCO/To The Top) 0:09:42  
26 Carmen Small (Team TIBCO/To The Top) 0:11:02  
27 Elle Anderson (Kowalski's Collegiate All-Stars) 0:11:31  
28 Kathleen Giles (NVGP Pro Ride) 0:11:40  
29 Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder) 0:11:44  
30 Jessica Prinner (ABD Cycling Team) 0:11:54  
31 Jaime Nielson (BikeNZ National Team) 0:13:49  
32 Genevieve Whitson (MVP Health Care Cycling Team) 0:15:24  
33 Joanne Kiesanowski (Team TIBCO/To The Top) 0:15:49  
34 Elizabeth Newell (Vanderkitten-Focus) 0:15:56  
35 Christina Gokey-Smith (NOW And Novartis) 0:15:58  
36 Jennifer Purcell (Danbury Audi) 0:16:01  
37 Amity Elliot (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder) 0:16:40  
38 Jenna Rinehart (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized) 0:17:20  
39 Lauren Ellis (BikeNZ National Team) 0:17:41  
40 Cara Gillis (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized) 0:18:06  
41 Erika Graves (NOW And Novartis) 0:20:17  
42 Melanie Colavito (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized) 0:20:22  
43 Laura Meadley (MVP Health Care Cycling Team) 0:22:13  
44 Rachel Warner (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized) 0:24:22  
45 Laurel Larsen (NVGP Pro Ride) 0:25:26  
46 Holly Mathews (Kowalski's Collegiate All-Stars) 0:29:09  
47 Stacy Appelwick (ABD Cycling Team) 0:33:49  
48 Jazzy Hurikino (Vanderkitten-Focus) 0:34:53  
49 Rebecca Wellons (Danbury Audi) 0:35:26  
50 Whitney Schultz (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder) 0:37:45  
51 Jennifer Rasmusson (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder) 0:38:35  
52 Addy Albershardt (NOW And Novartis) 0:39:53  
53 Kimberley Turner (Kowalski's Collegiate All-Stars) 0:45:30  
54 Missy Erickson (Kowalski's Collegiate All-Stars) 0:46:36  
55 Jane Weakley (NVGP Pro Ride) 0:58:45



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