Sports Tag ID - Bike Pure Identification Bracelet


Bike Pure, the world’s largest independent anti-doping organisation for cycle sport, have teamed up with SportsTagID, based in America to produce an ID bracelet that is 100% individual - it carries personal information; name, blood type, known allergies and address, with the personal details engraved using a high powered laser.


Bike Pure ID Bracelet


Andy Layhe, co-founder of Bike Pure said, “Rider safety and welfare is an issue close to our hearts and we feel that the Sports Tag ID is an excellent means of providing valuable information to those on the scene of an accident when time is of an essence.”  Layhe added, “a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the Bike Pure Sports Tag ID will go directly back to Bike Pure to enable us to continue our anti-doping, and at the same time providing riders with a product that could essentially save their lives.”


The Bike Pure Sports Tag ID bracelet is made from ultra silicone a (sportstagid trademark secret) and a stainless steel tag, engineered to match your skin temperature in less than three minutes so that you'll not even realize you are wearing one. Sportstagid says their product is the most comfortable and well made ID around.  They have tested it on professional cyclists, scuba divers and surfers extensively and beyond the boundaries of athletic usage to make sure its durability withstands the rigors of not only human demands, but mother nature’s harshest elements.  For example, they took an ID bracelet to the shores of Cabo san Lucas Mexico and submerged it for a week, in 20 feet of ocean surf and salt – it came up intact like the first day it went down and after a fresh rinse of tap water the closure worked flawlessly.  


Bryan added, "Bike Pure has used cycling as a platform to create awareness for the world of sport. Bike Pure and sportstagid are creating awareness for athletes to be represented as pure to their sport and drug free.  Our goal to align everyone's thinking both athlete and spectator in never second guessing that their victorious performance was nothing more than years of training, talent, a little luck and the true support of their surrounding team."


This SportstagID-Bike Pure bracelet will not only protect you but will allow you to share your voice in supporting all athletes in all sports that have worked hard to earn their spot on any professional team.  Let this band be seen as your own piece of social media for supporting an organization that protects the integrity of all competition. Professional sports need a voice, that voice is us, you and I.


As part of the launch they're giving you the chance to win your own bracelet produced with your personal details. Simply head on over to their Facebook page and leave a comment below the photo and they'll pick a winner who provides a thought provoking caption on July 1st!


You can order your own Bike Pure/SportsTagID here



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