Craft Pro Cool Sports Bra


Emma Silversides has already told us why a good sports bra should be a part of your essential kit for any type of bike ride in her Sports Bra Buyers Guide and we have had the Craft Pro Cool Sports Bra on test for a couple of months now and thought it was time to tell you all about it.




This is a crop top style bra and there are two versions; the Sports Bra for smaller ladies and a larger version, accommodating C and D cup sizes.  We tested the Sports Bra.


We found it to be a great choice for cycling, as it is cut to allow for complete freedom of movement, using fabric that offers four way stretch to ensure it offers a great fit, whatever you get up to and it provided enough coverage to be worn alone, with no base layer or T shirt over the top, without feeling like you are walking around in your underwear!


Craft have developed what they call “body control fabric” which is used to support your breasts and minimise movement, lined with COOLMAX Extreme lining to keep you as cool and fresh as possible.  To further that aim, there are mesh panels under the bust line and in the back of the bra, between the shoulder blades, which aid ventilation.  The sum of all these parts is that the fabric actively pulls sweat away from the body, reducing nasty smells and generally feeling very good next to the skin.


The shoulder straps are shaped and padded – more important for running that cycling – but were very comfortable on the bike and the mesh edging gives them width and stability without making you feel over-dressed.


The bra is kept in place with a broad elasticated band at the bottom.  Often this is the part where there is a big compromise with this type of bra – it needs to be firm enough to hold everything in place, but at the same time not restrict breathing in any way.  We loved the fit and feel of this Craft bra, we felt supported in all the right places but our breathing was definitely not compromised.


Super comfortable and supportive, perfect for any sport.


Sizes: Sports Bra A/B cup, Super Sports Bra C/D cup

Colours: black or white

Price: Sports Bra £31, Super Sports Bra £36




Tested by Janet Birkmyre



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