CTC support adoption of 20mph speed limit


CTC – The UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation - welcomed the announcement on Monday 15 from the Institute of Advanced Motorists that many of its members support the adoption of 20mph speed limits. However, CTC highlighted the benefits of blanket implementation versus what it called the “patchwork approach”.


CTC's Campaigns and Policy Director Roger Geffen said: "The adoption of 20mph as the default speed limit in urban and residential areas is the opportunity to redefine the spaces between our homes, changing them from 'roads' to 'streets'. With lower speeds, dangerous thoroughfares become public spaces where it’s easier to walk, cycle, socialise and play. People know more of their neighbours in low speed streets and property prices are higher, while 20mph is enough for vehicles to make progress.


"Blanket 20mph beats a patchwork of zones: residents see a bigger return because more people buy in."


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