Craft Active Bike Women’s Shorts


Shorts without or without a bib are very much a matter of personal choice.  Our tester for the Craft Active Bike women’s shorts was pro-cyclist Emma Silversides, who tends to choose bibs for racing and training.  She had found that some shorts without bibs could be uncomfortable around the midriff and were less likely to stay perfectly in place, so Craft were going to have to have produce a seriously good bit of kit to convince her to continue using these shorts!  Well, congratulations, they did it!


Craft Active bike shorts


Craft have carefully panelled these shorts to produce a garment that is perfect for a female figure; no saggy bits of material anywhere. Even more impressively they have used good quality spandex, which is recommended to be washed at 40 degrees and even after a good few washes loses none of it stretch.


The panels are joined with a grey stitching in a flattering cross pattern, that makes your legs look seriously toned, but cleverly there are no irritating seems to be detected at all.  


The unique waist band design that has been used by Craft ensures that there is no cutting or pressure around the tummy.  They have included a wide elastic band in the rear section and this provides a comfortable snugness and a perfect fit, while the front panel is formed by two overlapping sections, in a v-shape, which simply hold the stomach while in the cycling position.


The women’s specific chamois pad is firm but not inflexible; so it’s not losing it’s shape or form after a few washes, but it is also not so rigid that you feel like you have put a pampers nappy on!  It provides great protection, with padding in all the right places to keep you comfortable on the bike.


With these shorts Craft really have thought of everything; style, cut, comfort and practicality.


Sizes: XS to XL

Colours: black, with contrast silver seams

Price: £45.00



Performance: 9/10

Value: 9/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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