Craft Active Rain Pants


Thanks to the consistently rubbish British weather, the Craft Active Rain Pants have become a much-used, much-appreciated item.   Our tester is a bike commuter and also someone who relies wholeheartedly on her bike for all daily short trips; supermarkets, work, errands and socialising are all done by bike.  It is simply not an option to stop cycling just because it’s raining and under these circumstances one can become quite fussy about the kit chosen.



Craft Rain Pants



Waterproof trousers are surely a part of every commuter’s must have kit list, but these are a little different and definitely worth shouting about.


Firstly, there are the suspenders. They might look daft and if you really don’t like them you can take them off these rain pants, but waterproofs are made of slidey material and have a knack of slipping down, leaving the waistband of your jeans exposed to the gritty wet road spray that will be spitting up your backside no matter how good your mudguard. The straps of the suspenders are made from wide elastic that easily adjust and you don’t feel them under your jacket – they just quietly do their job and keep your builders bum where it should be - a figment of everyone’s imagination!


Secondly, these pants are relatively slim fitting. That might not suit all shapes, but it is absolutely critical to avoid the flapping-trouser-in-chain scenario - let’s not forget, if you’re wearing these it’s raining and you will just want to get home without stopping. So, trust us when we tell you, you need slim fitting trousers and since these are slightly elasticated they allow for movement. The fitted nature of the leg could possibly be improved by articulating the knees a little more, but the material is not crunchy waterproof; it is a softer fabric and allows for a good range of unrestricted movement - we liked them.


The elasticated waist and ankle cuffs make the Craft Rain Pants easy to slip on and off, although you wouldn’t want to be wearing bulky or wide-legged trousers underneath. If you want to wear a skirt, we suggest you slip it off and just wear tights underneath the rain pants. Fully taped seams ensure no rain gets in here so you won't get cold or wet.


The rain pants have a double thickness saddle area, which looks promising for long term hard-wearing.  Certainly, we’ve been using these pants in heavy showers for several months now and there is no sign of wear yet.  Apart from a small Craft logo and reflective piping there is little by way of hi vis, which could be improved. With a mesh liner, the pants are comfortable against your skin and pretty warm too, but then you won’t be wearing them on sunny days anyway!


All in all, these trousers would make an excellent addition to any commuter’s kit wardrobe. You might not be wearing them on a hot date due to the innate unattractiveness of waterproof trousers, but they are as sleekly styled as they can be, as well as being well thought out and comfortable, so will make your commuter trips far more pleasant in the rainy cold months to come. At around £50 they are an affordable buy, too, so a thumbs up from us.


A commuter essential at a low price and with a few well thought-through details


Colour: Black

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Price: £54



Value: 8

Performance: 7


Tested by Fi Spotswood



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