Miles Senso Velo ladies saddle


Looking at the price of this Senso Miles Lady saddle you might presume that it is another entry level offering with little support, but acceptable for short rides. How wrong you would be. The Velo certainly has the looks of a saddle which can compete with the likes of Fizik and Specialized in the ladies market, with its ‘ozone air hole’ (which is a nice way of labelling the cut-out section in the middle which takes the pressure of our sensitive bits), but it only costs around £32, so we weren’t expecting too much.


miles senso velo saddle


For first impressions we tested the Velo Senso on a few short rides on both mountain and road bikes, because it claims to be suitable for both.  Over an hour or two, it felt very firm but spot on in terms of support and shape.  We then decided the real test would be cyclocross and our tester, Fi Spotswood, transferred it to her ‘crosser which she took to the Three Peaks Cyclocross race in Yorkshire.  Would it stand up to four and a half hours of bum-whacking riding, over some of the gnarliest fells in England - a tough ask for a saddle at this price point?


The race is always tough, with a lot of bike carry and miles of rocky, bumpy descending, where mountain bike skills are very useful. But there are also ‘bum-on-the-nose of the saddle’ road sections where you just have to get as far forward on the saddle as you could and then get the body as low and aerodynamic as possible, while pedalling furiously into the wind.  Bike, components and body all take a real hammering for over four hours.


Fi told us, “three hours after the race finished, as we were sitting in the usual Sunday afternoon M6 car park, my fiancé asked me “how was the saddle then?”  Incredibly, I had totally forgotten about it. I hadn’t noticed it at all! Thinking back, I had been in divine comfort for the whole ride.”  Fi describes herself as a fussy, nit-picky, pedantic cyclist, who can’t fix a thing but who moans when anything is clicking, creaking, rubbing or niggling until it’s perfect, so this could only mean one thing, the Miles Senso Velo really had stood up to the 3 Peaks test.


Needless to say we were very impressed.  The saddle is firm, but in the right way – supportive and reassuring.  There is no pressure in the middle of the saddle, but rather it cradles you perfectly. We thnk that this saddle bears all the hallmarks of being designed by a woman.


With chrome rails, it could be lighter – they don’t seem to make the ladies version with titanium rails, which is a pity – designed with Arctec suspension which delivers comfort without a hint of bounce.  For colour choice, in addition to black there is also a white option to please the die-hard roadies out there.  


It is difficult to judge how hard wearing the material will be in the long run, as it is not leather but microfiber, but so far so good – certainly the mud and grime from the 3 Peaks has not yet made a dent.


So at little over thirty quid, this saddle is a sure fire thing.  If you’re not ready to make the leap up to the shiny carbon numbers with triple figure price tags, then this is a good choice.  It can be used on any type of bike (we tried three) and although saddles tend to be a personal thing, it seems the people behind the Senso Velo Miles know a thing or two about women’s undercarriages - no sniggering at the back! - so the Velo gets a big tick from us.


Fantastic value for money, a saddle that is firm and feels supportive and reassuring on all types of bike.


Colour: Black or white

Weight: 221g

Price: £31.99



Value: 10

Performance: 8


Tested by Fi Spotswood


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