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Breakfast - you need it!  You’ve heard it before, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Overnight your body has used up most of your energy so you need to get your body fired up again in the morning. Studies show that exercising on an empty stomach leads to faster onset of fatigue which may mean you finish your workout early, getting less benefit. A decent brekkie however will give you the fuel to power through a tough workout session as well as keeping you on top form for the whole day ahead.



It’s about REAL food to get you going. High fibre breakfast choices; including whole grains like oats, whole grain toast, fresh or dried fruit keep your body healthy through releasing energy slowly throughout the day meaning you are less likely to crave the crisps and chocolate at 4pm.


Here are some great gym energisers – perfect for breakfast or a pre-gym snack.


Start with about half a cup of porridge oats...

Add a handful of fresh or dried fruit; full of instant energy, vitamins and antioxidants - an easy way to get one of your 5 a day

Add skimmed milk and yoghurt for protein, it’ll also help keep hunger at bay

Finish off with nuts and seeds for healthy unsaturated fats and added energy boost


If you’re more of a toast person, make it wholegrain bread with seeds...

Add baked beans on top – for fibre and B vitamins

Or top with jam, manuka honey, marmalade, marmite – minus the inch of butter underneath!

Or try cottage cheese and a piece of lean meat like ham


Try a few slices of fruit toast or two hot cross buns...

Topped with slices of banana

With jam, marmalade or honey





1. Make sure you’re properly hydrated

First thing in the morning you’ll be dehydrated so drink 500ml of water on waking up and make it easy to drink throughout the day by keeping a water bottle with you.


2. There’s no excuse for missing out on breakfast

Get organised and make breakfast a habit. Then keep track of the improvements to your gym routine as you notice yourself feeling stronger!


3. Don’t eat loads and loads in one sitting

The best way to maintain energy through the day is to eat little and often to stabilise blood sugar levels throughout the day.



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